Thursday, June 2, 2011

South Carolina - Wedding, Bess, and Cousins

Before I forget, I should probably tell about my trip to SC. On Thursday, May 26th, my brother, Micah, and I headed over to the primary school. In March we were in a musical: Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. We had both been brothers, he was Levi, and I was Gad. Fake beards are so not fun to put on. But that's another story. ;) Anyway, the musical director was letting everyone know that she wanted the cast to come perform "Cotton Eyed Joe" a hoedown type number where we celebrate our brother being gone. So several of us came, and we had a great time. After that we went home, the van got packed, and FINALLY we headed for South Carolina. We were going because my cousin was getting married, and we wanted to be at the wedding. We ended up arriving at my grandparent's pretty late, so I had a shower and stuff before hitting the hay. Alright, the bed. I woke up a bit early the next morning, only Papa and Mama were up. I greeted Papa and ate some cereal before getting dressed, and reading on my bed. My mom asked if I wanted to go visit my aunt and I readily agreed. On the way she told me that my cousin Elizabeth, from Canada, and Bess, another girl from Canada were at my Aunt's house. Bess and I go way back.. though, honestly, I don't think we even remember it. It's a long story.. well.. not really.    When I was two my mom took me to Canada with her. Bess and I met up, along with another little girl, and since it's easier to do as a child, we became friends like "that". My mom took pictures of us in front of some tulips. (I'll try to upload photo's later.) We looked cute and sweet. We were.. and we weren't... The tulips were prized by the woman we were staying with. The following day, my mom was absent, and us three evil two year old's (okay, not EVIL) happily picked the flowers. OOPS. And that is what is now known as the Tulip Incident.    Well, that first day Bess and I weren't really buddy buddy like when we were kids. We talked a little bit, we watched An American Tale, and finally, I went back to Papa's.  The Morning of the wedding Papa and Grandma Jane made some DELICIOUS biscuits and gravy, with sausage in the gravy. It was good! We then headed out for the wedding, and my Uncle Doug rode with us.     We arrived and watched the beautiful ceremony. Roddy and Laura had waited for God to bring them together, and it definitely paid off! During the reception, Bess sat down opposite me, and soon it was like we were the best of friends. It's like our subconscious remembered one another. Interesting. Anywho, it's crazy all the stuff we have in common! We both like the Door Within Trilogy, The Narnia Films, and lots of other things. Our sisters both bought us the same lotion set!!! Bess, Elizabeth, and I had a great time together. We even did a little debating (all in fun, of course) about Canada and the USA. I was a little sad to say goodbye to Bess, but I had a marvelous time.   Sunday we went to church in Midway, and got to visit with some great members. We relaxed at Papa's the rest of the day.   Monday we packed up, and went to visit my cousin Vanessa, and her four kids, Carter (10), Emily (7), Hailey (5), Addyson (2), plus the foster baby, Spencer. I had a great time with my little cuzzo's. They showed me their grown chickens (including two roosters), their what I like to call "teenaged" chickens, and their baby chickens. It was funny because they have a baby rooster that is smaller then all the baby hens. They also showed me some other birds they have that are now chicks. They eat snakes, fire ants, and other bugs. Vanessa considers them very ugly. Last but not least, was an ADORABLE duckling that they caught in the garden. We went inside and watched Tangled with the kids who had never seen it before. As far as I'm aware they loved it! We had lunch, and mom put on my sister, Chair's wedding for Vanessa and Aunt Kathy to watch. Eventually we left. It was wonderful to visit with everyone. We took the long ride home, and got here late. But all in all, it was a great trip!


Well.. hello! I'm Bethany, and as you can probably tell by the title of this blog.. I am a young author.. and I may very well possibly ramble. :) I have so many stories to share, and I'm excited for this opportunity. In fact, I've been trying to get a blog for quite a long time now. My current literary project is a book that is tentatively titled: The Return. I'll try to keep updates on this going as I continue writing. At the moment I am working on Chapter 5.
  The story is familiar, good clashing against evil, but it is also an allegory. It tells the tale of a land where darkness rules. Literally. No sun has shone on Eldor for over Nineteen years. Evil men have taken control. But there is a light coming. The son of the King is returning, to pave the way for his Father, Elyon. Caria is captured, along with her sister, by a cruel band of slavers, bent on satisfying their greedy desires. As they are separated, Caria witnesses the great love of the prince of light as he sacrifices a great deal for another slave's life. What can lie in store for Eldor? Will good triumph? Or will the darkness continue?

 That is a bit of a brief summary. Hopefully I can post the first chapter on here for all who wish to read it. Also, I write stories on There is a link to my page there on my profile. It would be wonderful if you could check out my writings.

 Future projects include a short film currently titled: Broken. It shares about how we can make a difference, and change our treatment of others. It's an anti bullying project. More on this, and details on my work will be coming soon. Hopefully I can post character bios etc. etc.

 Outside of my creative work, I have a pretty exiting life, with fun moments showing up. I hope to share these with you as well. Have a beautiful day!!