Current Projects

The Prince's Quest -  Second Draft. 

  Living as Crown Prince of Linaeus isn’t so bad. Elric can live with the whispers behind his back, and the obvious dislike the servants hold for him. But, without warning, his situation changes when King Rath decides to test his son’s loyalty, and see if he really can be a great king one day.
Elric is on a quest, a quest he would rather avoid. Someone in the small village of Redge is publishing false information about the king. It’s Elric’s job to find the perpetrator and bring him- and anyone involved- to justice.
The prince is plunged into a moral dilemma as he evades bandits intent on his capture, searches for truth, and meets a girl who could change his view on everything.
Life is filled with choices. The problem is, making the right one.

The Siren's Call - Second Draft.

 Prince Bridger hates his name... and the plans his parents have for him. As the fifth son he has only one duty: to marry well. But his parent's choice for bride is a girl whose family line leads back to piracy and many mysterious deaths. Bridger retaliates by boycotting the marriage and borrowing one of his father's ships to search for the myth of a sleeping princess he heard long ago.

His pirate bride chases after him, for a woman spurned is a dangerous thing. As he avoids cutthroat, sea monsters, and other dangers, Bridger is left to wonder if the lure of a sleeping princess is worth every obstacle he faces.

When one sets out for adventure, a bit of peace and quiet is sometimes appreciated.

Up The Scarlet Staircase - Second Draft, on temporary hold.

The Facility is all he's ever known and it is what she wishes to destroy. 
 Max has no memories of the outside world. In the Facility he is provided with everything he could possibly need for survival. In the Facility he has learned to be content... until he sees a child taken up a scarlet staircase and never come down again. Suddenly the world Max knew is foreign and the people as dangerous as the poisonous air of the outside. 
 Sharron has one mission: to stop the Doctors and shut down the Facility system that has suffocated the New Delegation for too long. Masquerading as a liberated adult, she infiltrates the Facility. But the weakness she finds is just a crack in a much larger conspiracy that will bring greater danger down on everyone involved. 
 You never know what might occur up the scarlet staircase. 
Looking For Forever - First Draft, written at leisure. 
Lynwood left his pampered lifestyle to escape his father's awkward second marriage. He ends up at a small school in podunk Eastwood, Virginia, which the locals promise was named after Clint Eastwood even though it was founded far before the actor's acclaim. In Eastwood, Lynwood discovers things about himself he never knew. 
 His life is changed when he meets Lena, an eccentric, yet alluring girl who helps run a local bookstore and draws him in with her ideas on life and love. Before he knows it, he's starting to agree that maybe's Lena's thinking about finding the one person you want to love isn't such a crazy idea, and maybe he should start looking for forever, too... but with her. 
 As past wrongs come to light and Lena's character comes under fire, the relationship is tested in ways Lynwood never would have expected. Is forever still an option when today is ripping you apart?
0 - Plotting, NaNoWriMo 2016 project
 Elizabeth Park: College drop-out, conspiracy theorist, barista...Zombie curer? When Elizabeth finds out her attempted thesis may hold the secrets to beating a hidden zombie-like virus, she's offered the opportunity to observe Patient 0, the first human to contract the virus. But she finds herself questioning everything as she learns more about 0 and what his future might hold... and how her decisions could impact the future of the world. The boy or the world? 


Cedar Ann said...

Choices are a challenge! I can't wait to read your book, Princes Quest!


Athelas Hale said...

Hello! I was wondering if you would let me interview Elric on my blog ( I do bi-weekly character interviews, and have been wanting to interview him for awhile. If you're interested, my email address is on the "About" page of the blog. I can't wait to hear back from you!