Thursday, May 31, 2012


Okay. I don't know if I'm doing so well with my book list. It just seems like when another book comes along that I'm slightly more interested in, it takes first place. And there have been a lot of books like that lately. Ah well. At least I've been doing some reading! And that's the important thing.

 Since last November I've been working on a novel tentatively titled "The Choice" Or "The Prince's Quest" Or just "The Quest." Still working on that. It's almost to 30K already (which is moving a little slow) but I'm hoping to finish it up this summer.

 Still working on becoming a better fanfiction updater. Am I a failure? Maybe. Hehe.

 The most important news, however, is the announcement of a new little person in our family. That's right. My darling little niece, Rachel Marie Cox, was born in April! She's the cutest thing, born 6 pounds 12 oz and 20 in long. She's bigger now, of course, but still adorable to boot. I mean, I think I'm in love! Not THAT kind of love, of course, that's written about in stories, but a new love. A love that makes me so happy inside. God is so wonderful to send us children as gifts. They are the best. It makes me look forward to the hope of being a mother someday. And I guess I'll share a couple of photos, just so everyone knows just how adorable she truly is! Just a few, and not the most recent.

          I just love looking at her. This wasn't taken by me. Most of these weren't actually...
                                                  So beautiful. One of her first pictures.
                                                              First time holding her :)
                                                         Rachel Marie and her daddy.
                                          Mommy, daddy, and one set of great grandparents. :)

 I wish I had a photo of just my beautiful sis, and the baby, but I'm having a problem locating one. Ah well. Hopefully she'll upload some of her own, and just let everyone know! Especially now that you have internet, Chair! ;)

 Hope everyone has a wonderful evening! I shall endeavor to blog again sometime soon!

Micah and Zach are at BTI so it's slightly quieter here. Off to bed!  ~The rambling author AKA Beth :)