Friday, September 16, 2016

Precious Moments 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury: A Review

 Today I'm reviewing a children's storybook. True, that's a bit abnormal, but if you have children or nieces and nephews you may understand as I picked to review this because I am a proud aunt and I thought my niece and nephew would enjoy it. The book is Precious Moments 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury. I received this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.


Create a Bedtime Tradition in Just 5 Minutes

Delight your little ones with these sweet Precious Moments® characters as you share beloved Bible stories and comforting bedtime scriptures with them.

The five-minute format helps parents create a meaningful bedtime. With paraphrased stories from the International Children’s Bible®, you’ll nurture a love for God’s Word.

Take five minutes before bed to create a special connection with your precious child.

 I love Precious Moments designs. I always have. I guess it goes back to my Grandma first loving them and passing that down. The little characters look so sweet and innocent, how can you not think it's cute? And that makes it perfect for kids. 

 My sis agreed to do a miniature photoshoot with my adorable niece. I believe the nephew was taking a nap, so he missed out this time, but there will be more reviews in the future, I'm sure. This is Rachel. She's four. She loves girly things and playing and I think she's already gaining a love of books (I hope!). 

 This book is a great addition to the bedtime story collection. As a Christian parent, I know my sis wants to incorporate the Bible into the lives of her children, even when they're little.  This book allows that seamlessly with large, bright illustrations and simplified stories that still hold to the Biblical original. 

The book is a hardback cover with a soft cushion around it so it isn't easy to tear apart, very helpful when it comes to children.                                   
 Rachel hasn't quite learned to read yet, but from the concentration in the image to right, I think she's trying to pick out some letters. 

The kids really like this book. My sis describes it as "well-loved" and that makes me happy since as soon as I saw it I liked it. 

Charity (my sis), also says that the kids love the illustrations, so I guess they will be carrying on the tradition of being Precious Moments fans. 

 Overall, this book is well-made with large,gorgeous illustrations to captivate young readers (and listeners) to hear some important Bible stories and lessons. I'm glad to have had the chance to review it. To end, here are some more photos of those pictures. If you are interested in purchasing, it is available online, for one!

To fill out church records!

Family tree page.
As you can see, this book has many hidden treasures including a page for a family tree and church events. This book could be a well-loved memory for your grown child one day. 

 Thanks for reading!

~ a rambling author