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I've decided to write a page about my writing... what I've been doing etc.

 My first finished "book" was written several years ago, and I think it was called "The Church Mice," or something to that effect. It featured-what else- talking mice! At another point I wrote a "book" called Perish Island. Heh. It was about a group that was shipwrecked on an island.

 Back in 2009 I discovered something that revolutionized my writing. Yep. Back then (like it was so long ago!) my writing was probably a lot more horrible. But thanks to the helpful guidance of other fanfiction users, my writing has improved drastically. This is coming from a gal who didn't make a new paragraph when someone spoke. Hehe.

 I've worked on several different novels, and my current work is called "Two Choices." It's a fantasy, but not like a magical fantasy, more medieval fantasy but in my own world.

 Here's some fanfiction awards I've won or been nominated for thanks to my wonderful readers.

New York Newsies Awards 2010 I was nominated for several awards but won a second prize and a couple third prizes.

New York Newsies Awards 2011/2012 I won the 'Best Overall' award for one of my stories, Place To Believe, and the best series award for 'Place To Belong'/ 'Place To Believe'

Summer Reading List Fanfiction Awards Summer 2011- 4 second place awards (Best action/adventure, best mystery, best love story, best narrative.) 4 first place awards (Best Miscellaneous, best dialogue, most memorable scene, best supporting cast.) Also, my main character won the 'Summer's Leading Lady award."

 On one of my stories was nominated for the Peter award. No word on what's happening currently though.

 I've also entered several writing contests but never won anything. The last one was probably two years ago.

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Ceazar said...

Yeah, I've also entered a contest... nothing back yet! But I'll try again!
I started a blog on called To Be Writers, Check it out.
I've been reading your blog for a few minutes and I already like it!
I am now one of your 'followers'.