Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elric Answers

Last week, you asked Elric, and this week, he answers! Thank you all so much for the incredible questions you brought! Let's see how Elric answers.

Victoria Grace Howell: So what's his fantasy world like? Is their anything unique to it he likes to do?

Elric: My world is normal. I suppose that's what you would say. Linaeus is just one of many countries. We are cut off from the world by mountains on one side, a dangerous pass, a valley... There are other lands around us as well. Masin, Braxland, Redvane, Animas. There are two islands off of Braxland- Dagger Isles, and Alven Island. There are also the unknown lands, and the Filian Desert ruled by violent tribes. We use horses as transportation.  We have standard weapons. There isn't truly anything spectacular about my home. We have a few interesting creatures, but nothing to boggle the mind. As for the second half of your question, I don't know if you would call it unique, but I enjoy sitting in the garden, reading, and occasionally watching the palace children play.

Karoline Kingley: If he could hold any position in the world, what would it be and why? 

 Any position? If life were so kind... I think I would enjoy teaching. Perhaps I could go to one of the universities in Masin, where knowledge is so treasured, and teach there. I think a simple life would be the most rewarding thing.

Heather Manning: Elric, what kinds of books do you like to read? 

 Hm. What a hard question! I've read just about every book in the palace library. They've covered a variety of subjects from fairy tale to medical. I think my favorites would have to be the stories. They make life look so simple and kind. 

Cari: Elric, how do you fix your hair like that, when you don't live in the 21st century?

 I don't understand what you mean by 21st century. Our land is very old, and if century stands for one hundred as I believe it to, our world is older than that. Perhaps, you mean the styling is similar to that century? I suppose I would have to look through my history books... My hair is a simple procedure. Apparently, a prince is not allowed to have out of place hair unless he is fencing. My family buys from a merchant who imports rala snails from the Alven Isles. It's rather disgusting, but they produce a thick gel that when applied smells terrible, but later fades, and manages to hold hair in place. It's very expensive, but it's insisted upon.

Katelyn: Elric, what do you think of your father? 

 I... what a strange question. Well. Will my father read this? (Me: No, I'll see to it.) All right. I respect my father as king. It is my duty to obey and protect him. That doesn't mean I always approve of his... ways. I don't always think what he does is just, and I don't understand his methods.  

Magic Violinist: Who is more in control: You or Bethany?

I'm not sure I understand the question. I believe I am in control of my functions. If you are speaking of the strange girl who is always harping after me... I am not sure. She normally lets me do as I will.

Magic Violinist: Do you like your name or wish you could change it? 

 I don't know. I've never truly thought about it. Elric is my name, and always has been. There's never been a time where I disliked it. Though I do not understand why my mother would name me such a thing, as I feel the description suits my younger brother much better.

Elizabeth: How do you feel about being one of the "highest minds in the country"?

*Blushes.* I do not know if I would call that true. My teacher may have simply been trying to make me feel good about myself. But I will say that knowledge is a wonderful thing, and I'm glad I have had the opportunity to read, discuss, and learn about many things. Mayhap they will come in use one day.

Elizabeth: How do people treat you?  

 These questions are... very personal. If I must answer... (You must.) Then I will say with truthfulness that I am not a much admired person. At least among the servants of the palace. They have openly spoken about me. It is a widely held belief that my younger brother would be a better king, and sometimes I agree with it. He seems like a good candidate. My father sees me as a weakling. The only people who treat me with love or respect are my mother and manservant and best friend, Winston.

Elizabeth: Do you wish they would treat you differently?

Yes. I do. I wish only that they would endure me. They don't have to like me, or respect me. I wish only that I would be accepted. If only a little.

Elizabeth: Have you ever been in love? 

Love. It sounds like something from one of the fairy tales. I have never known love of that kind. The only girls to notice me have been those wanting to be queen one day. But recently, I have noticed a girl who seems different. But if she found out the truth about me, I don't know what she would do.

Zachary B.:  Elric, is your Father's name reflective of his disposition?

I don't suppose I know. I think at one time it was short for something. Rathone or something. In years past it was shortened. It is tradition for the crown prince to be named after two weeks, so perhaps he was an unhappy infant.  

Micah: What real life person did you base Elric on?

 I don't know as I was based on anyone. I am myself.

(He was born out of a scene, and his personality just developed. His early physicality may have been based on one of my brothers.) 

Well, that's just about all for now. Elric, any closing comments?

 Thank you for reading this... very personal interview into my life. I hope that you find your life fulfilling, and take advantage of the opportunities presented you, as I cannot. 

Ahem. Sorry everyone. I suppose Elric's a tad perturbed about the revealing of so many secrets. He's not always so testy. I hope you've enjoyed. See you next week!

~ a rambling author



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Great interview, Bethany and Elric! :)

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