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Dark Halo: A Book Review

 Hello everyone! *waves* I know it's been a couple weeks since my last post, and I give my most sincere apologies. But I had a good excuse. As you know, I participated in NaNoWriMo which took a lot of time, but that isn't the reason for my lack of posts after November. (Yes, I won, by the way.) Actually, I only missed last week this month, but... I still feel the need to explain myself. Remember the Five Glass Slippers contest I was talking about a while ago? Well, the deadline is almost here, and I'm still trying to brush up my story. So I've been doing that a lot, besides preparing for Christmas and all that crazy stuff. But today, I have a book review of Dark Halo by Shannon Dittemore for you! This book was given to me to review by BookSneeze. All opinions expressed are my own.

Back Cover:
One halo brought sight to Brielle. Another offers sweet relief from what she sees. 

 Brielle can’t help but see the
Celestial. Even without the halo, the invisible realm is everywhere she looks.
It’s impossibly beautiful—and terrifying, especially now. Because a battle
rages above Stratus, Oregon.

The Terrestrial Veil is ripping, and
demons walk the streets past unseeing mortals. Dark, sticky fear drips from
every face, and nightmares haunt Brielle’s sleep.

Worst of all, Jake is gone. The only
boy she’s ever loved has been taken by the demon, Damien. When she receives
instructions from the Throne Room leading her to Jake, she unknowingly walks
into a diabolical and heartbreaking trap.

 Now she’s stranded in a sulfurous
desert with the Prince of Darkness himself, and he’s offering her another
halo—a mirrored ring that will destroy her Celestial vision. All she has to do
is wear it and she’ll see no more of the invisible world. No more fear. No more
nightmares. No more demons. It’s a gift. And best of all: it comes with the
promise of a future with Jake, something the Throne Room seems to be taking
from her.

Will Brielle trade the beauty of the
Celestial and the truth of the world around her just to feel ordinary again?

*Ahem* So this was a good book. It is the third and final book in the Angel Eyes Trilogy, and was a pretty good ending to the series, wrapping up loose threads leading back to book one, and blowing your mind along the way. 

 I will say it wasn't my favorite book in the series, but that's just a personal preference thing. Oftentimes I'll enjoy a first or more often second book than the third. It's my weird quirk. 

 But I did enjoy this. The characters were well written, the storyline was solid. Jake was sweet, as always to new believer Brielle who is still coming to understand what it means to follow Christ. It was very creepy to meet the prince of lies himself who appeared as a handsome man because... well... the Bible does say Lucifer was an angel of light, so of course he would be beautiful! I loved the inclusion of Brielle's best gal friend, Kaylee. She was hilarious, and could often make dark situations a little lighter with her comedic timing. Marko keeps getting better.

 There were lots of interesting plot points brought up. I wasn't ever sure what was going to happen. It seemed like everything was somehow connected and tied with a bright red bow. It was very neat to see it all come together, and I loved the final scene promising of new adventures that we readers may not get to see, but know are coming. 

The Heavenly warfare was upped in this book. We got to see more chapters with Michael, leader of God's army, as well as Satan, and his demonic warriors, but we also got to see the army of light. It was an interesting look at what God's word says about this topic. 

 Also. The Sabres. The plot about tearing the veil was so cool. I just... yeah... I don't want to blow anything. But I did enjoy this book! 

 And the entire series was very well done. Shannon Dittemore is a very talented writer to keep an eye on. Wonderful debut series to showcase her artistic writing ability. I'm excited to see what she writes next!

~ a rambling author

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