Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia: A Product Review

 Okay, I seriously need to write something about the New Year. It's just been moving so fast that I haven't been able to slow with it. But alas, it will have to wait a bit longer.

 Today I'm reviewing BioGanix Pure Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 80% HCA. Carcinia Cambogia comes from a fruit and is a natural fat burner. It helps suppress appetite and boosts your metabolism (I need that.)

 Some of the benefits BioGanix advertizes are

  • Feeling less hungry (because you often feel hungry and tend to overeat.)
  • Drop inches around waist.
  • Block fat production/reduce excess fat.
  • Enhanced serotonin for mood/memory.
  • Etc. 
There are also no side affects. Now I'm not a big fanatic for any pills that magically melt the fat away, but I decided to try a bunch of different versions of this pill. This was the first one to actually do anything for me. I took it for over two weeks, and lost a few pounds. Not a substantial amount, but enough that I'm not dissatisfied. I'm thinking four or five pounds. The company was also super nice so that's a plus.

 Knowing the health benefits and that this one actually worked to a point if I want to purchase some in the future it might be this one. It comes with 180 capsules too. You can buy it here.

~ a rambling author

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