Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meet Bridger

  So heyyy. It's been a bit since my last post and I figured it was about time to get writing again on here! So I'm going to get things started by talking about the story I'm writing for Camp NaNoWriMo and start a new character interview. Whoot whoot!

  For NaNo, I'm writing a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I included elements from the story, but it's wayyyyy different than the original fairy tale. Way different. During NaNo I'm actually sharing it on Wattpad because somehow that helps me, but here it is if you would like to read. The story is called Wayward Path.

I don't own the original image.


  Prince Bridger hates his name... and the plans his parents have for him. As the fifth son he has only one duty: to marry well. But his parent's choice for bride is a girl whose family line leads back to piracy and many mysterious deaths. Bridger retaliates by boycotting the marriage and borrowing one of his father's ships to search for the myth of a sleeping princess he heard long ago.

   His pirate bride chases after him, for a woman spurned is a dangerous thing. As he avoids cuthroats, sea monsters, and other dangers, Bridger is left to wonder if the lure of a sleeping princess is worth every obstacle he faces.

   When one sets out for adventure, a bit of peace and quiet is sometimes appreciated.

  I'm really excited and having fun with this project. I only want it to end up being about 20,000 words as it is a novella, and the words are stacking up pretty nicely. I already have nearly 8,000. If I can keep up this rate, the rest of camp should be a breeze, although I will be going to an actual camp and won't be able to write next week...

  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to introduce some of my characters. I was really tempted to
introduce you to Eliysa, my spurned pirate lady, but decided you should meet Bridger first. The photos I have chosen for Bridger were the best I could find in a pinch, though not quite what I imagine. Still... Here he is. If the synopsis wasn't enough info, he's a stubborn dreamer who wants to believe in fairy tales. This idea gets him into trouble a lot, especially when the wrong kind of fairy tales come true. He has brown, feathery hair, and an eye color I can never settle on. Green, perhaps. He's thin and wiry and somewhat clumsy. And... I'll let you get to know him yourself.

 Ask him some questions!!! :)


Victoria Grace Howell said...

Interesting retelling! Here are my questions: What do you do in your free time? Do you have a particular reason why you don't like pirates? Fight-practice or studying?

Sarah H. said...

Would you rather be the oldest or the youngest? Which of your brothers do you feel closest to?

Krissy Aleman said...

Hey Bridger! Why do you hate your name? If you can't find the sleeping princess, do you think you'll marry the pirate girl?

Morgan LeAnne said...

Hi Bridger! (I love your name, so there :P) How did you find out about the sleeping princess?

Abigail Medin said...

For the author:
"a woman scorned"
"the lore of the sleeping princess"
also, I would be interested in reading this book someday, it sounds super interesting.

For Bridger:
What do you think the sleeping princess will be like?
What if she's a spoiled snob? Would you still marry her if she was?
Do you like animals?

Bryn Chaol said...

If you existed in present time, would mashed potatoes on top of cheese or pepperoni pizza sound delicious? Would you eat it?

Sarah England said...

Who is your closest sibling? What is your biggest fear? When is your birthday? Where were you last Friday? Why is your name so weird? ....and How does that make you feel?


MargaretS said...

Bridger, you're name is perfect, get over yourself. :P

If you could save one person in the world from death, who would it be?
How tall are you?
What is one of your favorite phrases to say, or one you just say a lot?
If you could have one power (a super ability), what would it be?
What are you most afraid of?
If a bully who is stronger than you was picking on you, how would you respond?
If a bully who is stronger than you was picking on a friend, how would you respond?
If you could give up your life to save someone, would you do it?
If someone was willing to die for you, would you let them do it?
If there was no tomorrow, what would you do?
How many siblings do you have?