Friday, May 13, 2016

The Heir War: Book Review

  Hey, everyone! Thanks to an atrocious school semester I've been M.I.A for a bit. Now I've returned so expect to see many posts and reviews this summer! We're going to start with the second part of King's Folly...The Heir War. This is written by the talented Jill Williamson and I was able to read the story in exchange for my review. 

 Now, The Heir War is being released exclusively as an ebook to be followed by The End of All Things, however, King's Folly contains all three parts into one print tome which I will be reviewing later.              

Synopsis: With Prince Wilek still searching Armania for a murderer, his brother Prince Trevn finds himself pulled deeper into the dangerous politics of who will be Heir. Trevn, though, is far more interested in his studies with a local priest and the attentions of a young honor maiden.

The book that he has been copying during his lessons is not the book that teaches of the god of the soil. Instead, it teaches of a one true God. If accurate, then it means there is no soil god to satiate. There is nothing they can do to save their world, and all of King Echad's sacrifices have been futile.                               

I love the detail Williamson puts into her world.  The Five Realms of this story are so unique and interesting. At one point, a prophecy is used by several different groups all relating to the same thing. That is only one example. The Heir War takes us even further into the realms and into new places. We are introduced more to Inolah and the kingdom of Rurikar where she is the misused queen.  We also meet Qoatch, a eunuch, and several other important players.

 Many plot points are opened and expounded upon in this second part. To me, the second part is often my favorite and I find that to be somewhat true in this case as well. The story continues to grow and the characters learn and change. Trevn is still one of my favorites and his character change has started more noticeably. I still love several of the characters.

 Overall, this second installment is pretty wonderful and you should check it out! I will be reviewing the third installment and the entire book very soon.

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