Saturday, November 17, 2012

All Kingdom's Fall

A poem a wrote a couple of years ago. All kingdom's fall, except God's.

All Kingdom's Fall

 The day of victory is nigh,
Clouds blow past the towers tall.
Soon swords will clash,
And a great kingdom will fall.
Where are the soldiers at dawn's break?
Are they prepared to fight?
Today someone will be overthrown,
Who will be the one to survive?
The King of one land watches,
He knows the day is come.
The ending of his Kingship,
His country almost done.
The King's men will defend him,
Against all who would slay.
Their efforts will be fruitless,
The King will die today.
The other King's soldiers come,
They knock down the once strong gate.
They fight and kill with no hesitation,
Murderous intent in their eyes, on their face.
They break into the chamber where the ruling monarch waits,
His guards hold back their fearsome blows but still it's not enough.
The other soldiers stand and fight,
But already it's too late.
The King pulls out his own great sword,
Ready for one last stand.
The enemies advance, their weapons held,
The fight begins and will go on til the very last man.
The swords fly, back and forth,
The King protects his own.
An enemy finds an opening and attacks,
the King defends, but cannot hide that soon it will be done.
A soldier stabs him in the back,
the King is surprised at this final sharp blow.
For as he falls to the ground, his life leaving,
The King will realize, the soldier was his own.


Anonymous said...

Love this Bethany. I especially love "Today someone will be overthrown". Very nice job.

Bethany said...

Why thank you. ;)