Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Next Big Thing

Firstly, I apoligize for my lack of posts. It's been a busy couple of months. If I get a chance I'll cue you into all that was happening in a later post. For now, let's say a lot of writing has been going on, and Prince's Quest is almost done! Now onto the subject of my post...

 The Next Big Thing blog hop! Okay, so this is one of my first blog hops. My friend RJ tagged me. Well sorta. She tagged whomever wished to try it out, and since I'm so excited about my new project, I volunteered. This blog hop is about your newest project. So here we go!

Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Where did the idea come from?: It's interesting the places you can get ideas from. During the Christmas season, whenever I got up in the morning/went to bed, I'd turn my alarm clock radio on to play Christmas music while I dressed etc. One evening, I was writing some words in Prince's Quest, when the song 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' started playing. One line stuck out to me. "Say, what's in this drink?" Suddenly my mind was racing. Did the guy in the song drug the girl? But why? Is he some type of creepy serial killer? Or... could there be another reason? It didn't take long for the plot to formulate.

Genre: Er... this is still blurry. I'll say Thriller/Suspense/Adventure.

Short Synopsis: Samantha Barlow returns to the town of her childhood, filled with an urge to visit her best friend until high school- Paul Brandon Mullins, and confront some of the demons from her past. He’s excited to see her, invites her to his living room, and before they know it, night is growing near. They sit by the fire, chatting and drinking hot chocolate, when Samantha says she should leave. Paul reminds her that it’s cold outside, since snow began to fall a few hours before. He insists that she at least have one more cup of chocolate before leaving. She agrees at last, and in a few moments grows drowsy, wondering just what was in that drink.
 Samantha wakes in a basement, accompanied by Paul who seems to be reliving a memory from the past. With the door locked, temperature dropping, and no way out, how far will Brandon go to relive his memories, and the horrible things that happened in them?

 My theme is God's love can cleanse all fears.

How long did it take to write the first draft? The first draft is still being written, but I hope to have it finished within a month or two.

What other books in this genre compare? Uh. I'm not sure what books. Maybe some Dee Henderson, or Terry Blackstock novels? The plot reminds me of crime shows, though.

Agency Representation: None as of yet.

What actors would play your character in the movie version? I've never considered the actors... this should be interesting...

 Maybe for Sam, my main character... Amy Adams? But with green eyes. This is the person that comes to my mind when I try to think of an actress.

 This is Jung Yong-hwa, a South Korean actor. He's basically the perfect Richard Lee, especially when wearing glasses and hat like the photo on the right. Except Richard doesn't have earrings. ;) Richard is a really sweet guy that it doesn't talk about in the synopsis, but he's actual a big part of the story. Kind of the light in darkness. But enough.

This is the hard one. I'm thinking either Nicholas Hoult,  or Jake Gyllenhaal for Paul. I'm leaning towards Nick. I mean... does this not look like the perfect disturbed young man? No offense to the actor...

 So still thinking about that. Three more characters to go.

 Detective Patrick Walker. Yes it's the SHIELD guy. Actor's name is Clark Gregg. This is the guy on the case in my story. Couldn't find anyone else for the part.

And lastly, Alex Pettyfer and Elle Fanning as Sam's younger siblings Charlie and Danielle.

Who or what inspired this WIP?: The song 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' as well as many other things. You never know what's going to inspire you. Look for stories everywhere, it may just surprise you! I never expected a Christmas song could inspire me to write a suspense story!

 This was so so much fun! I loved finding people who remind me of my characters! And telling about the crazy things that inspire me. A year ago, I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be writing suspense. I'm more into medieval fantasy. But things will surprise you! I hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse into my newest project!

 I tag whoever wants to do this, like RJ did. It's a lot of fun!

 ~ A rambling writer.


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