Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And Another Audition

  Hi there. Long time no see, huh? My life is CRAZY right now. I basically have something happening every day of the week. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get a book review up. No promises though. I have a boatload of homework. UGH! :P So let's talk about the day that was my audition a couple weeks ago. It was bad people. Well, sort of.

 I auditioned for Shrek the musical. I had my song picked out. I was nervous about that because I was singing in a way I had never sung before. Instead of belting, I'd be using a lot of head voice. I'd been working with my music teacher on it and I hoped I was ready.

 No matter how many times I audition, the audition process is the worst for me. I get incredibly nervous and my gut clenches and my voice wavers. I usually do fine in other areas, but the audition often gets me, which is awful. But I hoped I was ready. (See a pattern here?)

 I was wearing a dress my parents had given me along with a couple others as a joint Birthday/graduation gift. It was pink and orange and white, very bright and very much my personality. I paired it with my favorite pair of heels: pinkish orange wedges.

 When it was my groups turn to come and sit down, my heart fluttered, but I tried to walk confidently. As I reached my seat I felt more than heard the rip. Glancing down at my foot I wanted to scream. The side of my heel had ripped out. There was no way I'd be able to walk in them. Feeling stupid, I dug around in my purse and pulled on my jazz shoes. They didn't match my outfit and I had brought them for the dance portion of the audition. Now I probably looked stupid in jazz shoes and a fancy dress.

 When it was my turn I thought I would die. I climbed the stage along with my pianist, a special girl who was kind enough to play for me. And I sang. And it so wasn't as good as when I practiced. My voice wavered but it sounded like vibrato I suppose. I belted a few notes I was supposed to sing in head voice, and I said the same line twice, but I had a pretty strong finish, so that made me feel a little less lame. Without God there to help me I would have flubbed it big time.

 After that it was time for the dance audition. It is no secret that I can't dance worth a lick. I had actually spent that morning practicing a few steps, some of which were used in the dance audition and I still totally failed. But I tried to smile and do what I could and I felt okay about it. I usually do better with individual instruction, so learning with a group takes me a bit longer, but I've always managed to accomplish it in other shows, thankfully.

 So then I went home, wondering if I'd get a callback and not being surprised if I didn't get one. I did get one. I went to callbacks, did a bit there, and they posted the cast list the next day. To my excitement, I will be playing Mama Bear, the maternal member of The Three Bears famous family. It's a good part, and I can't wait to get started.

 I guess the lesson on this is do your best, don't be too hard on yourself, everything will turn out best in the end. Thank the Lord He is in control of such things.

~ a rambling author

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