Thursday, October 29, 2015

NaNo and Sea Monsters

 It's been forever.

 Why? Because I'm wallowing in the uncertain depths of great struggle and have been trying to keep my head above the waves-- also known as college.

 Because I'm insane, however, I've decided to try to take part in NaNo this year. The last time I partook in the actual NaNoWriMo was 2013. That was before the college monster sucked me into its dark and perilous depths.

 Okay. College isn't really a sea monster, but it tends to get close sometimes. With all the homework, time spent in class, and sleeping (at home) sometimes I just feel like relaxing after class (or sleeping) which means not a lot of writing happens. Shame on me. To remedy this abhorrent practice of not writing enough, I'm going to participate in NaNo.

Also, I'm going to try something new. I've added a notebook to my collection of text books and school supplies in my backpack. When I'm at school and have a chance, I'm going to try to break out that notebook for just a bit and jot down whatever I want to that is writing related. If I need to write a blog post, I'll jot one down. If I need to write pieces of a novel? You got it. We'll see how this strategy works in the upcoming insanity.

 As for NaNo...

Source defeat NaNo!!!! Or to try, at least. I've decided to revisit my old friend, Up the Scarlet Staircase, for this one. If you've somehow been following me this long than you might remember it from back in 2013. If not, here is an old post about that story. Of course things will change now, most likely. But change is good.

 So there you have it! I'll update you on the craziness soon. What about you? What are you planning to do, if anything, for the great NaNoWriMo?

~ a rambling author

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Carilyn said...

I remember that story!! I'm glad you'll be working on it again. ^_^ I'm planning on doing NaNoWriMo, but I basically haven't done any research for it yet.