Thursday, August 30, 2012

Characters Combined #1

 Hello all! RJ (from and I have come up with a fun writing prompt/exercise. Let me tell you about it...

 Characters Combined- This is only the official name until we come up with something better to describe what we're doing. In this activity, you must pair up with another author. Each of you picks a character from your story to put into a "scene" together. The scene can be a literal scene, or several scenes, depending on where your combined imaginations take you. How do you write a scene with someone else? RJ and I did ours through Facebook messaging. If you aren't facebook friends with your partner, you can use email, IM, whatever way you'd like. One person would start the story, write a sentence or two, and the next person would finish it. Here is an example from the prompt RJ and I did.

 He grabs Megan and tosses her over his shoulder and starts running with her,shooting the guards behind him. ~(RJ)
"Dude. This is really awkward! I HAVE legs! And I play soccer!!!!!!" ~(Me)
"I have no clue what you are talking about. Just trust me ok?"~(RJ)
 *huff* "Fine, mr all knowing! Just hurry, cause I don't know if I can't balance this ACID forever!" ~(Me)
"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He runs towards a flight of stairs and up them. The guards are following shooting at them. ~(RJ)
 Megan looks over her shoulder, aims carefully, and shoots a guard with Warren's fire pistol.Some other guards start tripping over him.*snicker.* "Like dominoes..." ~(Me)

 And it continues... the prompt was originally started to see how these two characters, vastly different personalities, would do if stuck in a prison cell together. Well, as we typed, the story evolved into them working together to escape, and both of them having to save each other at different times. I think we both discovered something new about our characters through this prompt.

 There are two ways you could go into a prompt like this. One of them is to decide what weapons/items your characters will have on them for the story. You could stick to said items, and use them, or as RJ and I did, everything happened at random, including the tools we had. I think it's fun to just let your prompt take you, and see where it goes. Don't plan the story!

 After you've written your prompt, we would be happy to read it! You can post it on your blog, and send me a link to add!

 This could be such a fun thing, if we all work together! You will come to know your characters better, and it's neat to see two characters from different lifestyles combined. If you have any questions, comment, and I will get back to you ASAP!

    Today's Prompt: Go to a carnival! That's right: a carnival. If you want to, include a carousel, and some sort of food stand. Have fun!

 Oh! And here are the rules... just to remind everyone!

 1. You need a partner.

 2. You write it together. 

 3. Don't plan! ;)

 4. Post back! (If you please. Please?) 

  I hope you'll join us!!!!!!!! We would also love to see who you've paired up with. Just say something like... My partner is RJ.

Deadline for submission is Sept. 14 :D

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Have fun y'all! :)