Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted a serious blog update.
 I've decided to participate in the horribly wonderful thing known as "Camp NaNoWriMo." In case you don't know what that is, you should Google it.
 Just kidding! NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every November, but in the summer- namely June and August, they have the same thing. Sorta. But they call it CAMP NaNoWriMo. Genius, right?

 *Clears throat* So, the goal is to write 50,000 words of a new novel in one month! It's a bit insane... but hey, it really helps with writer's block!

 So, since the beginning of August, I decided to write a blog post during NaNo. Or several rather. I said, "I'm going to write a blog post at the end of every week to share my progress." *glances at date*

 Apparently that didn't go so well.  So now I'm going to see if I can at least post two NaNo posts, possibly more, depending on if blog inspiration strikes. I'll also be gone for several days... so... If you didn't read the title, this is NaNo post 1.

 If you look to the side, you can see my handy little widgets. One of them is a cute little book tent that says I'm a NaNo participant, the other is a word count meter that says I have 25,000 words written on my NaNo novel, Chasing Shadows!

 That's right folks! I've reached the halfway milestone. I'm halfway to glory. I just hope that on the trip I'm not sacrificing important stuff. Anything I leave out will have to be patched in during editing. But I know where I'm going (kinda) with this story, so we're good!

 So, how am I getting those words stacked up? Two things, namely.

 One: Word sprints/wars. Whatever you want to call them, these things are super helpful. When you're writing, and you just have this block that won't go away... try challenging a writer friend to a word war. You give yourself a time... ten, fifteen minutes, and each of you try to write more words then the other in that time frame. It's so fun! Especially when you get to talking like it's a real war... that was interesting. :)

Two: Dr. Wicked's Write or Die. Sounds weird right? It's a program on the internet that give you a reason to write without pausing. It's hard to describe, so here's a link to the website...

 So these two things have been extremely helpful in my quest for NaNo glory! I actually just want to finish a novel... but... ya know. There's a great prize too. If you write the needed amount of words, Scrivener, a really neat writing software thingummy is half off! And I've been wanting that for months. So I'll keep pounding the keyboard as I have the time, and see where I get on this quest...

 In other news...
 The Prince's Quest won second place in a contest for back cover copies. I really didn't expect to be placed, and I'm sure everyone's was equally good. Thanks to everyone who had a part of that.

 So keep writing, my friends! Or reading if that's what you prefer. If you're interested... here's my NaNo page...
 Teaser/prologue may be posted! Keep your eye out!

 Think Positive!


Anonymous said...

NaNo is awesome :) Usually what I come up with is pretty bad, though, so I treat it like an outline and write from there. Anyways, good luck! :D

Bethany said...

I'm sure it's not that bad, just keep writing! I came up with an outline... sort of. At least for the beginning. I'm in troubled waters now though :P I ran out of ouline! Thanks! You too!

Summer said...

How did you get the word count meter it's really cool? <3 x

Bethany said...

You can just click on it and it will take you to the website. It's an HTML thingy, so you have to add a plain widget on your sideboard. :)