Thursday, September 5, 2013

ABC Reading Challenge - B - Before Midnight

 It's time for another special Thursday ABC Reading Challenge post! Today is the letter B for the book, Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey.

This book was part of a trilogy book given to me by my parents for Christmas that contained Before Midnight, Golden, and Wild Orchid. 

 I liked this book. I'm a fan of clean fairytale retelling, so I'm always eager to read a new one. This book was good. It was clean, had some interesting characters, and somewhat of a twist in the plot.

 My biggest complaint would be that Mrs. Dokey tends to write short, not with a lot of story/description, making this book only about 200 pages in length. But this is a nice story for a quick, relaxing read.

 Up next in my challenge should be the letter C, but I've already finished letter V- Viewers. We'll see if I decide to review that next, or keep to the "in order pattern."

 What about you? Are you taking part in the challenge? If so, how is it going? I'd have more read if it wasn't for my review books, and whatnot. But I'm enjoying reading through them as I can. Have you joined the challenge yet?

~ a rambling author

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Heather Manning said...

Awesome! I read this probably in fifth grade and absolutely loved it then.
I used to love the "Once Upon A Time" series it was a part of. I think I read all of them.
And, I'm not participating in the ABC Reading Challenge but it is a really cool idea. :)