Friday, September 27, 2013

The Other Side of Me: Willy Wonka

 Okay. I know I'm late, but I honestly have a pretty good excuse this time. Besides other life things, I had a rather long eye appointment and I had to go to the city about an hour and a half from my home  for head shots/trying on costumes in the evening Tuesday. (Did I mention I was cast in A Christmas Carol? But more on that later...)

 Okay. So today is the second post in my The Other Side of Me series. I'm not promising that these will be weekly, cause I'm still trying to figure out that pesky blog schedule, but we'll see what happens.

 I left off last week talking about the choir I was in. I forgot to mention one thing. While in this choir, we traveled as a group to see The Wizard of Oz performed by Christian Youth Theater.  I was amazed by the talent and professionalism, and dared to dream that someday I could do CYT even though at this time it was impossible.

 Back to my group, and what Mrs. A had said when we first inquired about musical theater. Well, true to her word, around January, info went up about the show they were going to perform in the Spring: Willy Wonka. I was pretty familiar with the Willy Wonka storyline having seen the movies and whatnot. I looked at the roles, and since they said pick one to try for, I decided to try for Veruca Salt. I was thirteen going on fourteen, but they'd said I could try for a kid's or adult part. Even though that was the specific part I was auditioning for, I practiced other parts as well.

 Finally the audition day arrived. Guess what? I was sick. Or recovering. And thanks to my illness, my voice was in a terrible state. I went to the room with Mrs. A privately, and told her that my voice was messed up. She assured me that she already  knew what my voice sounded like, and I sang what I could of my audition. "You have a callback," she said. "It will be here, next week."

 I was so excited! I'd never heard of a callback before, unless you count maybe... the part in Hoodwinked where the schnitzel guy gets an acting callback?

 Anyway, the callback day came. I was so nervous. The idea of competing against others using simply my vocal and acting abilities which probably weren't at their peak completely intimidated me. There were about three other girls called back for the same Veruca Salt part. We all sang her song together, and then sang it alone. Unfortunately, I let my nerves get a hold of me, and was kind of shaky with my audition. After this, we read a few lines, and the callback was over. They told us when the cast list would be posted.

 Oh the wait was excruciating! I may have felt pretty bad about my callback, so I was very nervous about what might happen.

 The cast list was posted!

 I looked-- would I be portraying bratty rich girl Veruca?!?


 Mrs. Beauregarde - Bethany Baldwin

Was I disappointed? But of course. If you are hoping for something you're going to be disappointed if you don't get it! But my mindset... I don't know if I started it then, or when, but it is this. No matter what part you get, always do your best. Besides, I was a named character! That was something to be happy for!

 Mrs. Beauregarde was one of the characters I hadn't really researched (The mother of the rude, gum chewing Violet,) but I found myself becoming excited anyway. And in the end, I discovered that Mrs. Beauregarde was really the better part for me anyway.

I went to rehearsals, I read lines, worked on acting, etc. When I came into this show I had a shell. I was pretty shy around the other kids except my friend Charlotte who I had known before, and I wanted to do well, but I was a bit afraid to pop the lid off the box. But I did. For some reason, when I get on stage, I feel alive. I become a part of the story, not just an actor on the stage, but I am that person. And for your viewing *cough* pleasure, here are some photos of me as Mrs. Beauregarde.

Here's the top half of my costume. I believe this photo was taken before my first show.

  Full outfit. I should also mention that I got my braces off just in time for the show, so I was smiling proudly. :D

                   This is a photo inside the factory. I changed into this dress for the second act.

                                 In this room here... surveying the wonders of Wonka's creation.

                              About to take a hulking bite in the chocolate smelting room.

                                    Scolding/talking to my daughter outside the Wonka factory.

                                    Looking smug with my daughter during her interview.

                                             My "air guitar" picture as I call it. Who knows...

                                       The finale. Once again, who knows what I'm doing?

 I enjoyed being in my first theater show SOOOO much. Especially after waiting to long to do any sort of acting. I was a bit depressed that I would have to wait an entire year for another show! Which you will learn about next time. ;)

 What do you think?

~ a rambling author

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Heather Manning said...

That sounds so fun! I love CYT productions, and I wish I could be in one.

I'm glad you got started in theatre. :)