Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Other Side of Me: The Beginning

 Today I'm starting a series! Currently, it's tentatively called The Other Side of Me. I'm still trying to decide what day to post this series, as I'll be changing around my blog schedule very soon. The Other Side of Me will be about my other favorite hobby: Musical Theater. Sometimes with writing, theater, and various smaller hobbies, I tend to spread myself thin... right now with school and everything my only "hobbies" (though I view them as much more than that) are only writing and acting, along wth watching something now and again for relaxation. Here's a little background on how I got started, for today.

 Since I was a young girl, I wanted to be involved in acting in some form or other, but in my area I could never find anything. Finally, when I was about twelve or so, we heard about a home school acting group. We weren't sure how to get involved, but found out where it took place, and my mom drove me there. Unfortunately, the sign ups were over, but they promised to email us a few months later in January. January came. No email. My email could have been lost, or perhaps they merely forgot. Anyway, a few months passed, and I still wanted to act.

  I mentioned this desire to my piano teacher, who happened to know a woman who had helped put on a production of The Sound of Music. When my teacher wrote the woman's number on a sticky note, I excitedly showed it to my mom. Much to my disappointment at the time, my wise mother suggested we wait until September, since the woman was a teacher, and would most likely wait till school season.

 When September arrived, I brought it up again, and mom called the lady at last. Let's call her Mrs. A. (Love ya, Mrs. A!) Anyway, Mrs. A told mom that she was planning on doing Willy Wonka with director, Mrs. C in the spring. For now, however, she was starting a kids choir, and wondered if I would like to be involved. Since it was one step closer to my dream of acting. and I figured it could be fun, I said yes!

 One day every week, I went to choir practice, learning Christmas songs, and just having fun. We had a few small performances, but were working toward a Christmas concert to be held in a big rec center. I even had a small solo in the song Believe, which you may remember Josh Groban singing at the end of The Polar Express. My line was "There's no time to waste, there's so much to celebrate."


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I even somehow got into the paper. Yes, this is back in my glasses and braces days on the left. :)

 Anyway, I think I've talked enough for today. This doesn't really talk all that much about theater, but this is what helped me get there. I hope you've enjoyed this somewhat different look into my life! 

 God bless!

~ a rambling author


Jillian said...

Great idea for a blog series, Bethany! That's so cool. I love musical theater too. What shows have you performed in?

Bethany said...

Jillian, thanks! I figured it was about time I started talking about it since I love it so much!

I've been in Willy Wonka, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Little Mermaid, Les Miserables, and I just got into A Christmas Carol. :)

Jillian said...

Oh, awesome! Have fun in A Christmas Carol :)

Heather Manning said...

I love your idea for this post. I can't wait to see more like it.

As you know, I LOVE theatre. :)

I don't really know that song, but I like Josh Groban.

I'd been doing school musicals in grade school, but my first real start in theatre was last year in Picnic at my older sister's college. :)

Bethany said...

Jillian, thank you!

Heather: Thankee muchly! Oh yes, I know it well. Yeah, I like the song, Josh Groban makes it awesome.

Sounds like you've been having fun!