Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Body Wash

 Hola everyone! As you well know, I didn't post last week due to being incredibly busy each and every day. And I didn't post yesterday, but that was my fault. So you're going to get some crazy mixed up posts this week. I'll probably post a third Friday or this weekend to make up for the missing one. For now, I wanna talk about Herbal essences body wash!

 That seems like a weird thing to talk about, I know, but I'm part of an online community called CrowdTap, and was given the opportunity by them and Herbal essences to try out their body wash! They sent me a sample of Hello Hydration, which has coconut extract, and it smells delicious! I've not used it too much yet, but so far I love it, and plan to use it whenever I shower. Also, I'm going to let my mom try it and see what she thinks. You can purchase it here, and probably at any store.

 Anyway, I really do like this scent, and I'm looking forward to trying their others in the future.

 ~ a rambling author

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