Thursday, April 17, 2014

Prince's Quest Prologue

 As I said, I'm busy, and though it's technically not Wednesday anymore, I'm awake, so I'm posting. Since I am busy spending time with family, I'm going to share with you the most recent version of The Prince's Quest prologue. Hope you enjoy!


Kaltine 23

 “Your Highness?”

 Elric stood from the threadbare chair, sending a cloud of dust through the air. “Yes? What is the news, Winston?”

 His manservant coughed before answering. “The girls have arrived.”

 Elric nodded, processing the information and what it meant. “Good.”

 He straightened the deep blue claok covering his tunic and followed Winston out of the room, empty except for the chair and an equally downtrodden bed.

 Had she come?

 He shook his head, hoping to dislodge the thoughts assaulting him. He would find out soon enough.

 A dark hallway with a faded purple rug running its length awaited him. He ignored the lackluster tapestries and the sad attempt at color they presented, intent to his purpose.

 Winston waited for him at two double doors that reached for the ceiling. “My Prince, the decision you make right now will affect your life in who knows how many ways.”

 Elric paused, inhaling the scent of the future. Mildew filled his nostrils. “I know.”

 “Are you read?”

 “As much as I can be.”

Winston bowed, giving his support as he always had. Without another word he pushed the door inward. It creaked on unpolished hinges, revealing those who waited inside.

 Elric strode through, attempting to show more confidence then he felt. He slowed when he saw the expressions of the townspeople and a prick of guilt wormed its way inside of him. He shoved it aside, knowing he had to let go of such feelings until he found her. That was all that mattered right now.

 “People of Redge,” he cringed inwardly at the cold tone of his voice. These were still the people he had grown to know over the last month, “I’m sure you are all wondering why I summoned your young women here on such short notice. The time is my own affair. I have but one question to put forth to you: is Anya, the daughter of Amos, among you?”

 His query sat unanswered for several long moments. He straightened, afraid sweat was going to break out on his forehead and ruin his collected façade. He was about to try again, using a more threatening voice, when a heavy man he recognized as a local shopkeeper stepped forward.

 “No. She is not among us.”

 Another man, the resident fool stepped forward. “Ah, but sir, we have many other young ladies… might you take your pick of them, and let us be? Eh?”

 Elric felt the thread of his authority being pulled apart, and he called for Winston to shut the doors. Recalling the cold voice he had used moments earlier, he hardened his face. “I will look at all of the girls.”

  There were a couple of fearful murmurings, but the handful of girls from the village and surrounding miles organized themselves into a line, most staring at the floor.

 That prick of guilt bit him again. They were afraid. He blinked. He didn’t want anyone to fear him. Fear was destructive.

 He walked to the end of the line, inhaling to keep focus as he walked by each girl, studying each face.

 A flash of honey colored hair caught his eye, and he held his breath, turning to find her. Two deep blue eyes filled with tears met his. She seemed to plead with him with her silent stare. She begged him not to choose her. He tried not to let the disappointment stabbing him show. He gave the girl a quick nod. “You may go.”

 He watched as if seeing through another’s eyes as she ran to the rest of the villagers, throwing her arms around the shoulders of a young man. He turned away. It wasn’t her.

 He walked past the rest of the other young women without much interest. The truth was hard to accept, but he knew. She wasn’t here. She was gone.

 When he reached the end of the line, he cleared his throat, staring at the opposite wall in an attempt to avoid eye contact. “You may go. All of you.”

 The villagers shuffled out, some casting curious eyes over their shoulders, some of the girls sending brazen smiles as if they expected he might accept the fool’s offer, and take one of them with him.

 He turned away, lost in thought once again.

 Honey hair, brown eyes. The thought of her smile sent a thrill through him. How could he have done such a thing? He clenched a fist. He would not make his mistake again.

 “Sire.” Winston’s voice was careful, as if he thought Elric might grow angry.

 He turned, giving his friend and aide a small smile. “Come. We must plan.”

 He led Winston to a small, unused room. He had chosen it for the withered map that hung on the wall. Pulling it down, he spread it on a short table, mindful of thick layer of dust covering the wood.

 “I must find her.”

 “Sire, are you sure? What will your father think?”

 Elric didn’t respond. What would his father think? He would deal with the answer later. He asked Winston for a pencil and set the lead against the old paper.

 “Where do you think she would go?” Winston’s question jolted him into action. He created a line from Redge to the Savage Lands.

 Winston gasped. “But sir! Surely she would not survive such a journey… to a horrible place like that. She’d have to pass through Snake Pass, and there are unknown dangers waiting.”

 Elric held up a hand, silencing his friend. “She is stronger than you think.” He glanced around the small room. “Bring the map. I must speak with my father.”

 ~ a rambling author


Connie Jean said...

Niiiice! (Poor Elric.)

Bethany said...

Connie: Yes, he has it bad. But not as bad as your poor charries!

Connie Jean said...

Mwahaha. I regret nothing, though. ;)

Rayleigh said...

Wow, that is a really great storyline, I am anxious to know how it will end! I too am writing a book in the medieval setting and I nearly chose the name Elric for one of my main characters and had considered Anya as well, so needless to say I love their names!

Bethany said...

Rayleigh: Wow! That's crazy. I guess Elric is becoming a more popular name. :P And Anya too! haha. I hope your story is going well!

Rayleigh said...

Yes my story is coming along, but not near as fast as I would like. I have been working on it for close to 3 years now and only have like 7 chapters finished, granted, I took a year long break from working on it, but still, I would've liked to see more finished by now.

I noticed on your sidebar that you have the Go Teen Writer widget, I follow that website too! It is a great find and my book has prgressed the most through finding it. Did you enter the 1000 word contest they had a while back?

Rayleigh said...

If you are interested in reading my story, the link is below :-)

Bethany said...

Rayleigh: Ugh, trust me. It takes a long time to write a novel sometimes. The shortest period I've written one is about seven months, and that was a special case involving a sort of NaNoWriMo where the story was almost done and then I took like six months to finish the last couple chapters... Haha. But just keep plugging away. It'll work out.

Yep! I'm an avid fan and follower of Go Teen Writers, as well as being a pretty active member of the facebook group. I did enter the 1000 word contest, but I entered with my story Up the Scarlet Staircase, since I was still working on re-writing Prince's Quest, and wasn't sure it was ready. I didn't place that time but I got some valuable feedback. Staircase was a NaNo novel, so... :P Fun fact: Since I posted this prologue here, I'm pretty sure it's been edited some more.

I checked out your story! It sounds really interesting, and it makes me want to read more. What's happening to the princess? Is the guy actually good? Ah! But anyway. Thanks for sending it to me. :)

Rayleigh said...

I entered the contest too, but I also did not place. But, I didn't get tooooo discouraged ;-) I re-wrote the story using the feedback tips and then posted it on my blog, so the one on my blog is better than my entry.

My main prob with writing (and reading too) is that my attention will only focus on one story for so long before I need a whole new setting. I can be writing the same story for a few weeks and love every minute of, working on it for hours at a time. And then, just like that I will start hating the story, getting bored with it and start something else. So I normally have two to three stories going at once so I can bounce around them:-/ Anywho....

What exactly is NaNo? I have heard about it through several different people but still have no idea what it is.....

Thanks for reading my story, not sure if I posted it on my blog or not but so far the title is A Queen is Knighted, so far.....