Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Azure Naturals: A Product Review Part 2 - Ultimate Rosehip

Let's talk about Ultimate Rosehip. It comes from a rose plant of some sort, in the Andes, I believe. As you can see, it is also in a dark glass bottle. The oil is an amber color, so you can actually see it show up. It has a peculiar scent and doesn't smell a thing like roses! It is not a bad smell, just not what you might expect. I've used it a bit. I've dabbed it on some acne places and whatnot, and tried it as a lip balm. When I put it on my lips, it made my lips feel nice and moisturized for a while. I also put a little bit in my scalp before showering and my hair felt pretty soft the rest of the day. Rosehip has some of the same benefits of Argan oil, but has it's additional charms as well. Here are just a few benefits of this neat oil.

Dry Hair - It helps moisturize your hair.

Dull Hair - Makes your hair shinier. Rich in vitamins that help your hair health.

Dry skin - Great for this as well, so works as a moisturizer too.

Scars - Helps treat acne, stretch marks, age spots, burns, and other scars.

Dandruff - Helps eliminate this with just a few drops massaged into the scalp.

Sunburn - Soothes and heals sunburn. Definitely will be trying this. I'm a poor fair person. Sunburns are almost unavoidable.

Make your skin glow - Gives your skin a healthy glow.

And there are many more uses. I really like this oil, and once again can tell it's quality. I love this company so much. Buy it here.

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