Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oleavine Facial Moisturizer: A Product Review

So, I meant to post this on my fashion blog, but accidentally signed up to review it here. Whoops. Anyway, if you're a girl (or maybe even a guy,) you might be interested in this product. Face moisturizer! Whoot!

When your a teen, or a young woman, or anyone really, face it... You need moisturizer of some kind. If you don't use it your face gets all dry and it's just bad. That's how it is for me anyway. I've tried several generic brands of moisturizers, but it is so hard to find a good kind for your skin. Often you stuck with a thick or slimy substance that goes on thick and just doesn't feel great at all.

 Enter Oleavine.

 When I had the opportunity to review this, I quickly snatched it up in my quest for the perfect moisturizer. I had been unsatisfied by competitors, and hoped that this would have something special.

 The product description says it is made from organic and natural ingredients. That is the first good sign for me. Anything natural makes me happy in this crazy chemical laden world. It also has anti-aging and rejuvenating ingredients. Apparently it was also made without heat. I guess a lot of companies use heat in the process, but it somehow damages the product.

 So here's my review. Firstly, I love the bottle. It's so cute and feminine. I really love butterflies. They are such beautiful creatures, and delicate pink butterflies flutter along the bottom of this graceful bottle.When you want to use the moisturizer, you simply twist the silver top, and a little dispenser pops up (see photo at right.) With a little pump you can get some moisturizer. You only need the smallest amount--less than a dime--and it will go over your entire face.

 This stuff smells great. I can't really describe the scent. It's pleasant and fresh smelling and a bit like earl grey tea. It just has a nice scent. Like I mentioned, it spreads easily over your face. One thing I love is that it goes on light. After I apply it my skin doesn't feel coated or heavy. I can't even tell it's there and my skin feels great. After using this for a while my skin was better than it had been for a while.

 Basically, I love this stuff. I hope I can buy more of it when I run out. It's the first moisturizer I've actually been satisfied with and that is awesome. It might seem a bit pricy at about $20, but since you only need a little bit at a time and it's such great quality, I think it's worth it. So it looks cute, smells lovely, and works great. What more can you ask for?

 Visit Oleavine here, and you can purchase this product here.

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