Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Azure Naturals: A Product Review: Part 1 - Argan Oil

Hey-o guys! It's me!. :D The other girls on the A Pinch of Classy blog I collaborate on have talked about essential oils many times before, and I've wanted to try some, but have never been able to. Well, the company AzureNaturals, partnered with, gave me the opportunity to review three of their oils! Technically, these are three separate reviews, but since they're similar products from the same company I'd lump them into one blog post. So here we go! The three oils are Ultimate Argan, Ultimate Emu, and Ultimate Rosehip. Although I only did a bit of testing, I'm planning on using all three much more in the future. It's going to be in three parts for verification purposes, so here is part 1.

I should start by saying that these aren't all essential oils. In fact, I think Rosehip is an essential oil (though I'm not sure) but Emu isn't because it came from an animal (apparently essential oils come from plants) and I read that Argan wasn't either. So these are just some oils that have their uses, but might not necessarily be essential.

Let's start with the Ultimate Argan! This stuff is pretty cool. As you can see it is stored in a very dark bottle, perhaps a shade lighter than the Rosehip bottle, but perhaps the same. This is to keep the oil from breaking down, which light does. So it needs a dark glass bottle. It has a nice shiny paper label on it that proudly proclaims it is 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. Which is awesome. The oil itself is somewhat clear and has a slight nutty scent because it was pressed from fruits of the argan tree. Another nice feature is the little pump top. You can just squirt a little bit and don't have to worry about pouring anything. It's great.

 I've used it as a moisturizer. It works really nicely. It's a light oil, so your skin takes it pretty well, and it doesn't get greasy if you rub a couple of drops, or a spritz in this case, since it's a spray bottle, on your face. I found my face stayed moisturized for a good length of time after using this oil. I also rubbed it into my cuticles. That felt nice! Argan oil has many uses that I didn't try yet, but plan on, because it is such an amazing product that I'll definitely be putting it to use again. Here are a few other uses of this awesome oil.

Hair conditioner - Argan oil can really make your hair soft and silky. I haven't actual tried it as a conditioner yet, but I've only heard good things about it from people who have, so I'm excited to try.

Styling - Apparently it works well as a hairstyling agent. I just tried it. Even if you have a little bit left on your hands from something else, if you just run your hand over your hair, it calms down the wisps. Being a girl with extremely wispy hair, this is awesome.

Anti-aging - Yep. Argan oil is known to give skin a healthy glow and restores that youthful feeling and appearance to the skin.

Dry Skin - Argan oil is extremely beneficial to those who suffer from dry skin issues. Because it's naturally a source of vitamin E it helps to heal and bring relief.

Acne - Helps clear up acne. Which is awesome.

Healing - Is just healing in general to damaged skin and whatnot. Very cool.

Nails and stuff - Can help brittle and damaged nails grow stronger, also just good for your hands and feet. 

Lip Balm - This explains itself. It works.

Anyway, I really like this product. I'm so excited to use it, especially on my hair. Apparently if you use it on split ends it helps heal those, and it is just beneficial in general. I'm convinced AzureNaturals is selling a quality product. The care taken with the dark glass bottle and 100% ingredient tells me that. You can purchase it here.

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