Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bridger Answers

  Today Bridger will answer your questions from this post. If I talk during the questions it will be in
italics. So let's go!

Would you rather be the oldest or the youngest?

 Hm. Let me think about that. I'm already the youngest, so... Pretty sure I'd want to be the oldest. It's better than being a fifth son, I'm sure. 

Which of your brothers do you feel closest to?

Iden. He's in the ministry so he's kind to everyone and will simply listen to me when I wish to vent about something.

Why do you hate your name?

I would think this to be for obvious reasons. All of my brothers have names translating to wealthy or kingly... My name brings to mind images of bridges and people are neverletting me forget that. I hear too many bridge jokes to handle. 

If you can't find the sleeping princess, do you think you'll marry the pirate girl?

If you avoided death would you walk in front of a cannon ball blast? 

Hi Bridger! (I love your name, so there :P) How did you find out about the sleeping princess?

 My thanks. My nurse told me the story when I was a child. She spoke of it as if it were more than a story so I am sure it is. 

What do you think the sleeping princess will be like?

I believe she will be young, fair of face, and of a kind heart. She will be grateful to be awoken and will be happy to have me as her rescuer, even if I am a fifth son.
 What if she's a spoiled snob? Would you still marry her if she was?

It would still be better than Eliysa Delgor.

Do you like animals?

They serve their purposes. I do enjoy the hounds from the kennels and to ride the stable horses. So I suppose the answer is yes. 
If you existed in present time, would mashed potatoes on top of cheese or pepperoni pizza sound delicious? Would you eat it?

I eat potatoes and cheese as separate entities, but I must say that description sounds delicious. Pepperoni pizza... Interesting words. Author explained it to me. I think I would like it. If it is food I will eat it. 

Who is your closest sibling? 
Iden, as I answered above. 

What is your biggest fear? 

Death, most likely. At the hands of Eliysa Delgor? This is my interview. Sh.

When is your birthday? 

In the autumn month you call November. On the 16th of that month. 

Where were you last Friday?

The ocean. We've recently set off. It is beautiful but also nauseating at times.

Why is your name so weird?

I suspect my parents were at a low of boredom and decided to play a cruel trick on me. 
How does that make you feel? 

Jealous? Depressed? That I could change my name?

If you could save one person in the world from death, who would it be?
I have learned that death is a cruel thing that you cannot save someone from. But if I could I would choose my friend, Erel, or perhaps Iden or my mother. 

How tall are you?

Six feet.

What is one of your favorite phrases to say, or one you just say a lot?

I often call Eliysa Delgor a siren, if that counts?

If you could have one power (a super ability), what would it be?

Invisibility so Eliysa would leave me be. Or the ability to move from one place to another in a moment, so then I could find my princess sooner. 
Possible Bridger
What are you most afraid of?

I answered this. 

If a bully who is stronger than you was picking on you, how would you respond?

You must be speaking of my elder brother, Darreh. Usually I just refuse to do what he wants. He either grows bored or boxes my ears. 

If a bully who is stronger than you was picking on a friend, how would you respond?

I would probably yell at them and try to avoid getting beaten up. Perhaps a duel would be in order. I am good with a sword. 

If you could give up your life to save someone, would you do it?

I'm not sure I'd call myself a hero. I suppose it depends on the person.

If someone was willing to die for you, would you let them do it?

I hope not.

If there was no tomorrow, what would you do?

Celebrate, perhaps. There would be no need to worry about Eliysa Delgor any longer.

How many siblings do you have?

Four older brothers and they don't often enjoy letting me forget it. 

And there we have it. What do you think?

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Victoria Grace Howell said...

Haha. The cannonball answer made me snort. XD He sounds really interesting. I hope she finds the sleeping princess and I hope she's nice. :)