Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Begins

 So it's Tuesday. (Edit: It was Tuesday when I started writing this, but something came up. :/) And that means a blog post. Though I admit, I was tempted not to write one. And I'm promise, it's not because of lazy. But when you spend the majority of your day sitting in a hospital, writing a blog post just isn't the first thing on your mind.
 Yep. For the past couple days, I've been out of state visiting my Papa who is in the hospital for blood clots in his lungs. Prayers are much appreciated for this, and other issues he is facing.
 But I still want to write a blog post. Because I need to. 

 It's 2014.  A New Year. We're fourteen days in, and I haven't spoken of it yet. But 2014 is another year of change, both here on the blog, and in life. It's the year I graduate from High School, the year I start truly thinking about college, the year I become an adult. The thought of so much change can be scary.

 But I'm going to face the change head on, and turn it into something more.

 This year I've decided to take part in One Word 365.

 It's a website that challenges you to pick one word for a whole year that you are striving toward. My word is change. Not just the life changes that I can't control, but I want change in other areas that I might have to work toward. I want change in my spiritual life, change in how I do things. Changes for the better.

 At the end of 2014 I want to look back and realize that I'm a different person. That I've changed in ways to glorify the Lord and uplift those around me. I want to change in a way that I would not get so easily distracted, and do the things I need to do when I need to do them. I want to change so that I get things accomplished that I never thought I would.

 There are so many things that change could apply to. And I can't wait to see where this word takes me.

 As far as goals I'm hoping to accomplish this year... There are many. Some are personal and private. Others are some I might share. Some I may not even know yet. I want to be more of a help at home and different things in my personal life. And... as far as writing goes... here are my writing goals for this year.

 I want to finish edits and rewrites of The Prince's Quest so I can start querying this year.

 I want to finish some other projects as well, though PQ is my main concern at this moment.

 Oh, and on the blog I'm about to start a new schedule. Here's hoping it works! ;) My idea is to have something like this.

Tuesdays: Posts about Theater and Life.
Wednesday: Posts about writing related topics... AKA my normal posts.
Thursday: Posts about books... what I'm reading, cover spotlights, etc.

 This may change over time, and I might do these posts differently. Who knows? I'm taking it one step at a time, but excited for this change! I'm hoping to start this next week, depending on how things go.

 Anyway, this is my official introduction post to the new year. I'm excited!

~ a rambling author

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