Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday of Writing!

 Hey ya'll. Welcome to the first... Wednesday of Writing! This is the day of the week I talk about all things writing... whether mine, or someone else's. Today, I'm going to talk about the writing stuff that's been going on in my life.

 If you've been following this blog you know I participated in NaNo. I said I was going to update you guys on that, but totally failed. So see this as your extremely belated NaNo update.

I worked on my dystopian story, Up The Scarlet Staircase. (Which you can read part of here if you're so inclined... Not sure how much longer I'll have it up.) I did, in fact, win NaNo with a whopping 50,002 words. *Balloon deflates.* Yeah, it wasn't as big as some people's word counts, but it was something.

I was proud to get that much, considering it was show week for A Christmas Carol, and we had shows at the same time. I actually worked on the story during breaks, and took my laptop with me to a restaurant the cast went to hang out after the show on the LAST day of November. It was there, cheered on by the wonderful family that was the cast, I managed to whack out the last 2000 words or so. I don't know if I coud have done it if it wasn't for them. I finished it at about eleven or so, and we hurried to get internet so I could make it official. That night was crazy.

 The story still has a long way to go until it's complete, but I think I've given it a good foundation.

 As far as other things going on...

 I'm getting back to the editing of The Prince's Quest. I'd like to have that all ready in the next few
This graphic was made for me by Bryan McBride! :D
months. Here's hoping! I love this story. It was my first novel that was actually the length a novel should be. And though much of it was written before I knew the things I know about writing now, I really want this story to get out there. Even if I have to change every sentence. When author's talk about the one story that is special to them... this is mine. This is my baby. And I'm ready to make it happen.

 Remember The Pauper's Masquerade? That little story is currently submitted to a contest. I finished it, edited it, and sent it in. Now I'm just waiting to see what happens. But whether I win or not, I am content. Because if I don't win, I'll probably just develop it into a story.

 My most recent project is a short story inspired by a morbid thought. What would it be like to be the child of a serial killer? I mean, if you research, lots of murderers have been shown to have children. Imagine what kind of life that would be. So maybe it's my attempt to raise awareness, or just to give the subject some thought. It's titled Before Dusk and is almost completed.

Here's an excerpt: 

  Chills raced up my arms, and I peered ahead as a tall, broad shouldered man exited the vehicle.

 He approached, noticing me right away. I studied him as he did the same with me.

 My dad was… handsome. I mean, for an old guy. He must have been in his late thirties.

 His blond hair was parted to the side, and swept into a supermodel kind of look. Sunglasses rested on his nose, and his sculpted jaw opened in a smile. He was clothed in a suit and tie as if he’d just left a day at the office. I stared at his tan skin, thinking of my own pale complexion.

 He turned his flashy grin on me.

 Yep, definitely supermodel material.

 He lowered his glasses, his deep blue eyes looking at me over the rims. “Sophie.”

 My heart jumped at the sound of my own name, spoken in his mellow voice.

 Mrs. Simpson stepped up beside me. “Hello, Mr. Connors. As you can see, Sophie is all ready to leave.”

 I looked at my foster mom out of the corner of my eye. She was quick to get rid of me.

 He flashed her that perfect smile, and I was sure I saw his teeth twinkle in the sunlight. “Well, that sounds perfect.” He reached for my bag, but I instinctively pulled it closer to myself.

 Mrs. Simpson laughed and jerked it from my hold, handing it to my father.

 He pushed his sunglasses back over his eyes. “Well, then. You ready to go, kiddo?”
  By the way, Baby, It's Cold Outside is finished, but needing some massive revising. And Chasing Shadows is still on hiatus. Poor thing. 
But enough about me. What are you working on?

 Come back tomorrow for Book Thursday! Or whatever I decide to call it...

~ a rambling author

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