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You Ask Elric Part 2: The Answers

 As you can tell I took a bit of a blogging break yesterday, but I'm ready to get back to writing! :D Today, I'm going to answer the questions you asked Elric last week. The prince is standing by and ready to answer... well, mostly ready. He's a bit uncertain about this. Next week I may have Anya, or perhaps even Fanic to answer questions. Mwhahahaha.

What is his weapon of choice? And which variant of that weapon?

  Elric: I prefer swords if I'm training. I've never had true combat, but as far as sparring goes I'll take my long sword.

What is your biggest fear?

Elric: ...I... I'm not sure really. I suppose it's making the wrong choice and causing devastation.

Do you have nightmares, or have you ever had nightmares? If so, about what?

Elric: I normally do not experience nightmares, but quite recently I had one involving bear-wolves dripping with evil and consuming those I care for. *Shudder* I don't like to think of such things.

If you were to be locked in room for a hundred years (in which time you neither needed to age or eat or sleep) and you could pick one person to be with you, who would you choose?

Elric: That sounds like a story book. I would have to say my manservant Winston would be the best choice. He is loyal to a fault, and the only person I can trust in this world.

What do you believe about God, the afterlife, and religion? 

Elric: I don't know much about these things. All religious books were banned from the palace library because the king believed them to present false hopes and promises, as well as distract the people from their true sovereign. I've recently come into contact with people who believe in a deity called The One. I don't know much about that either, but they certainly seem to have something different. I'll investigate further. As far as the afterlife... who wouldn't like to believe there is life after death? The sciences don't seem to think there is... but... I don't know.

Can you dance? Do you enjoy it if you can?

Elric: *blushes* Yes, I can dance. If you live in the palace you are supposed to have a certain degree of knowledge in these areas for balls and such. I'm not sure I enjoy it. I can't help thinking that the girls I dance with aren't quite impressed. The music is nice, I suppose.

What is your favorite book?

Elric: I enjoy a variety of different books. If I must narrow it down to a favorite... Perhaps it would be The Song Bird of Masin by Duke Henley the III.

Do you prefer reading or mathematics? 

Elric: I like all types of learning, and I believe that both go hand in hand, but my definite answer would be reading.

What is your opinion on your author?

Elric: I'm not certain I even have an opinion. From what I've seen of her author friends, they are crueler than she could ever be. But she has given me my share of pain... not all undeserved.

If he could only save one and the others would die- who would he choose? The King, the brother, or the girl?

Elric: I'm certain this question is bordering on treason. And I'm not sure I can properly answer it. At this current point in time, I would save Anya. She is a young woman without weapon. My father and brother might be able to defend themselves. My brother is never without his sword.

Are there any girls in his life?

Elric: I'm not sure of the meaning of this question. I have a mother. There are the daughter of the nobles. Is this meant in a romantic way? If so, the answer is... probably not at this current time.

How does he feel about that sort of thing?

Elric: If I were a peasant I might think love were something beautiful. But being a prince I think every girl who shows interest in me is only wanting the position I would offer. And I don't want that to be my life.

Is he interested in girls? 

Elric: I'm a young man, of course I am, and as Crown Prince I'm expected to marry young. But as previously stated, most girls are looking for the power I may someday hold, and I don't want to marry someone who does not love me. There is one girl I've met, but I'm not certain about her yet.

Favorite book?

Elric: You all are very interested in my reading habits. But as I said, it would be The Song Bird of Masin. 


Elric: It is a beautiful tale of love that goes beyond all barriers and it takes place in Masin, a country I hope to visit one day. A princess who sings beautifully is turned into a bird by an evil man so her prince must rescue her. It never grows old.

Are there certain types of books he prefers?

Elric: I enjoy fiction the most because it takes me away from my life for at least a little while.

If, out of the blue, you were given a baby to watch for the day, how would you react to having to feed it, change it, and entertain it? What would you do if the baby started crying? How would you put the baby to sleep (sing, rock, etc.)? 

Elric: First off, I'm not certain why anyone would give me a baby to watch over. There are many nursemaids available. To feed it I would have to visit the kitchens and ask for some milk, I suppose. I don't know about the changing part... I'd have to ask Winston, but I suppose it isn't too hard. To entertain it, I would get Winston to act out a comedy as I read it. If the baby started crying I would return it to it's mother. The same with the sleeping part. If necessary I could rock it...

If a blue police box, containing a strange space man named... (what was it... Dr...who?) mysteriously appeared in your backyard, would you fight, flee, or invite him in for a cup of tea? (that totally rhymed!)
Elric: I don't know what a police box is. Some kind of carriage? If it appeared in my backyard... do you mean courtyard? If you do... the guard would probably apprehend him before I'd have a chance to do anything. You have to be cleared to enter the courtyard. If it were my choice, I'd ask why he was there.

If you could play a musical instrument what would it be? 

Elric: I've always wanted to play an instrument. But my father thought lessons to be trivial and unneeded. I would choose the violin because it makes such beautiful strains of music, and I could carry it everywhere I travel.

Would he consider himself an introvert or an extrovert?

Elric: I'm an introvert. Starting conversations is tiresome, and I'm not very good at starting them. I'd rather read a book.

~ So there you have it! Boy, I didn't expect him to open up this much, but I guess since he's done it before, it was easier! What do you think of Elric's answers? Thanks for asking! Tomorrow is Book Day!

~ a rambling author

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