Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You Ask Elric: Part 2

Hello everyone! A while ago, I did a character asking thing-a-ma-bib where I asked you to ask Elric, the main character of The Prince's Quest, questions. Read it here. I've decided to do it again.

Prince's Quest Back Cover:  Living as Crown Prince of Linaeus isn’t so bad. Elric can live with the whispers behind his back, and the obvious dislike the servants hold for him. But, without warning, his situation changes when King Rath decides to test his son’s loyalty, and see if he really can be a great king one day.
Elric is on a quest, a quest he would rather avoid. Someone in the small village of Redge is publishing false information about the king. It’s Elric’s job to find the perpetrator and bring him--and anyone involved--to justice.
The prince is plunged into a moral dilemma as he evades bandits intent on his capture, searches for truth, and meets a girl who could change his view on everything.
Life is filled with choices. The problem is, making the right one.

A little more about Elric: He's around eighteen years of age. As you can see he has brown hair. (I have trouble finding appropriate photos to represent my characters... these were probably the closest.) He isn't very athletic and would much rather read a book then participate in a sparring match. His younger brother is much more athletic than he is. I posted some more about him in the old post.

 Please post the questions you'd like to ask about Elric in the comments below, and please share!!!

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William Cloud said...

What is his weapon of choice? And which variant of that weapon?

William Cloud said...
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Athelas Hale said...

Since I know that authors delight in causing characters discomfort, I hope you'll not think my selections of questions forward, and that you will understand that, normally, I wouldn't ask such questions. Only when I know your author will make you answer.

what is your biggest fear?

Do you have nightmares, or have you ever had nightmares? If so, about what?

If you were to be locked in room for a hundred years (in which time you neither needed to age or eat or sleep) and you could pick one person to be with you, who would you choose?

What do you believe about God, the afterlife, and religion?

Can you dance? Do you enjoy it if you can?

Katelyn Shear said...

What is your favorite book? Do you prefer reading or mathematics? What is your opinion on your author?

Anonymous said...

If he could only save one and the others would die- who would he choose? The King, the brother, or the girl?

Emily said...

Are there any girls in his life? How does he feel about that sort of thing? Is he interested in girls?
Favorite book? Why? Are there certain types of books he prefers?

S. England said...

If, out of the blue, you were given a baby to watch for the day, how would you react to having to feed it, change it, and entertain it? What would you do if the baby started crying? How would you put the baby to sleep (sing, rock, etc.)?

If a blue police box, containing a strange space man named... (what was it... Dr...who?) mysteriously appeared in your backyard, would you fight, flee, or invite him in for a cup of tea? (that totally rhymed!)

That's all I've got.


Leah K. Oxendine said...

If you could play a musical instrument what would it be?

Victoria Grace Howell said...

Cool. I love character interviews. I do several interviews on my blog. :)Would he consider himself an introvert or an extrovert?

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