Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graduation Parties and Whatnot

Wow! God is good, and some exciting stuff has been happening lately. I'm in that exciting (and scary) time of change. I guess I won't really understand it completely till I'm standing on the steps of my college... or ever. The fact that I'm graduating... class of 2014... is surreal. I feel the same as I always did. People keep asking me, "How does it feel to be an adult, how does it feel to be graduated?" Etc. And really... I don't know. Things feel the same. And I'm dreading the entrance exam of my college even if it is only to see where I place on the learning scale.

A fraction of my graduation party attendees.

 And I even wonder about college. There are so many different voices trying to tell me what I need to do for me and for my future. Some encourage me to go to college, to have a career path ready... others say I should follow my dreams, or learn other valuable skills you won't learn in a college. But I don't know. I feel so uncertain. But I know God holds the answer, and I'm praying for His insight in this matter and all matters.

 I had a graduation party in May for my theater friends. We had such a fantastic time eating, singing karaoke (because we're theater kids. Duh.) and playing mafia. It was just a lot of fun to spend time with some of my favorite people on my special day. I'm so grateful for the friends God has placed in my life.

 I've been able to attend a couple of other graduation parties which were a blast. Like I said, I have the best friends.

Argh. I'm a pirate.

 I've also been in Tarzan, as you know. We opened last weekend to a smashing success, and have one weekend left. It is such a bittersweet feeling because this is my brother's last show probably. He's been with me since Joseph back in 2011, and it feels so weird to think we won't be in another show together. Well, with this particular theater program at least. I'll probably talk more about it next week, but I'm probably going to cry buckets. Ugh. Emotions.

Anyway... yes. My life is crazy. But it's good. God is so wonderful to me, and has blessed me so much. Without Him I would be nothing. Thank the Lord for His grace and mercy.

~ a rambling author

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