Friday, June 27, 2014

You Ask: Rathelm

 It's been a while since I've done a "You Ask." So today, I'm going to introduce you to King Rathelm.

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King Rathelm is the father of Elric, who you've already met. He is the King of Linaeus, and a bit of a grouch. And when I say he's a grouch, I mean he's sentenced a lot of people to death. Some think that his mind is going. But no one dares to speak their suspicions. He shows obvious favor to his youngest son, Aren, who is much like his oldest son who died. He thinks of Elric's book learning as rubbish, and doesn't have a very good opinion of his oldest surviving son. But it's your turn to ask the questions, because I don't want to spoil anything. Enjoy!

~ a rambling author


William Cloud said...

Your majesty is too kind to answer the questions of us mere peasants. I would ask if you two things: the first, how many people have you executed in your illustrious career, and what is your preferred method?
Your humble servant,

Victoria Grace Howell said...

How long has he reigned as king and did he ever want to do anything else besides be king?

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Anna Three said...

Some questions: What is his highness' favorite color, meal, and, if he were to have free time, what would he do? Also, is there a particular reason his highness is such a grouch?

Athelas Hale said...

Hello, sir. Pardon any lack of respect on my part... I just want to see how you'll react. You understand.

What was your childhood like?

When you became King, what did you feel?

What do you consider an offense worth death?

What did you feel like when you first killed someone?

What do you think of your son, Elric?

I supppose that's all. Have a very lovely day.

Imogen Elvis said...

Why does his highness not value book learning? What does his highness value instead? In his highness's opinion, are kings are allowed to have friends, and if so, does he have any? Who does his highness care about the most? And finally, cats or dogs?