Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Doctor Who Perfume!

 Hello all! Today, I'm doing something I've never done before- reviewing perfume! The perfume I'm reviewing is from the Etsy shop MarieDeMars. She was kind enough to send me SEVEN samples of Doctor Who perfume, and today I'm going to do my best to review them. They are all made with essential oils.

photo taken from MarieDeMars etsy shop

 All right, now on to the review. :)         

We'll start with The Lonely Assassin. This is actually a cologne that came along with the perfume. Don't Blink! This cologne is based on the Weeping Angels. The description given in the Etsy shop is this: Deep earth notes reminiscent of the forest in autumn mix with warm spice and light floral overtones. This is definitely a masculine scent. I like it, but wouldn't wear it because of this. However, I let two of my brothers try. One thought it was okay. The other tried it, and liked it well enough to talk about possibly buying his own.


  Next is Jelly Baby. This perfume is based on the 4th Doctor's favorite candy. The scent is very sweet, as you'd expect, and quite fruity. The shop description fits with my thoughts: This scent is all light fruit and sugar - pure and sweet. And that's what is is. I like it very much. Perfect for if you just want a light scent.

 Still Not Ginger (based on the Doctor's longing for ginger hair) was one of the first I tried, and I wasn't impressed right off. It has a certain bitter quality to it- owed to the ginger, I suppose. But the more I smell it, the more I like it, though it's still not my favorite scent. The Etsy shop describes it as: warm spice balanced with Vanilla and the earthy aroma of Vetiver and Oakmoss. 

 River Song (based on a character in the show) is probably one of my favorites. The scent is difficult to pinpoint. A bit flowery almost, when in actuality it is described in the shop as: balance of sweet citrus and spice – vanilla undertones mix with ginger and tangerine. Love this scent.

  Now to Pond. I'm pretty sure Pond (based on another character) is my favorite of them all. It's another sort of sweet scent, the shop describes it better than I could: Sweet apples immersed in subtle ginger and honey. It's a really lovely, light scent, but has a bit more substance than Jelly Baby. Unfortunately, Pond is being replaced with a new scent based on the same character which is called Amelia. I haven't tried Amelia, but I hope it lives up to Pond!

 Next is Petrichor (the smell of dust after the rain.) This is a very strong scent, another one that's hard to pinpoint. Shop: Slightly elusive, this perfume blends the fresh scent of damp earth with ozone and light floral overtones. I agree, it is a bit elusive, but I think I can pick out the floral. This is another lovely one that I like quite a lot.

 Last, but not least, Silence in the Library, based on a really creepy episode. This is a really different perfume, but I like it. It's not flowery, or sweet... more a tad bit spicy... Shop description: full of deep vanilla base notes infused with black pepper and a touch of neroli for sweetness. This scent is warm and a little spicy, reminiscent of afternoons amongst stack of ancient books. Any scent reminiscent of books sounds good to me!

 I love these perfumes, and will use up all my samples, and hopefully be able to purchase more in the future.

 Click here to get your own.

Check back tomorrow for a review of Swept Away by Mary Coneally!

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