Monday, August 12, 2013

Les Miserables: An Audio Drama Review

Hey you guys! Because of my lack of posting... you get TWO posts this week! Today, a review of Les Miserables, recorded by Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, tomorrow a review of Swept Away by Mary Connealy, and a fun review of some Doctor Who perfume. Now to Les Mis. I was provided this audio book by Tyndale House is exchange for an honest review.

Description: It's one of the world's masterpieces of storytelling. Against the stirring background of the French Revolution, follow the tale of Jean Valjean as he encounters the savage injustice of the law — and then the gentleness and grace of God. It depicts events like the battle at the barricade and a heroic rescue through the underworld of Paris. But the truly epic nature of Les Misérables lies in its insights and glimpses into the human soul. No other novel has captured so well the transforming power of forgiveness as has Victor Hugo's masterpiece, Les Misérables. It has been called the most important novel of the 19th century. And rightly so. It's a tale of war and revolution, a touching love story — and a tale with some of the most memorable characters you'll find in any work of fiction.
Most of all, it's a story about a desperate thief whose life is changed forever when a kind bishop, catching him in the act of stealing precious silver, forgives him. Accustomed to living only for himself, Jean Valjean becomes a kindhearted man who helps a dying woman, cares for her child as if she were his own...and puts his life on the line to help an innocent stranger.
Les Misérables tells of the triumph of good over evil, of love over hatred, and of mercy over the letter of the law.

My thoughts: I love Les Miserables. I love the story, I love the musical (I just had the opportunity to be in it,) and I love just about anything having to do with it. As you can imagine, I was so excited when this audio drama came up for review since I also happen to LOVE Focus on the Family and their audio drama. All excited, I inserted the first CD into my player.

 And I was not disappointed.

 Wonderful narration, brilliant acting, lovely music... this audio drama did great justice to Victor Hugo's story. Being an audio drama, they couldn't fit the entire story in, and that may throw some people off. But if you let yourself appreciate the work for what it is: a wonderful, enjoyable adaptation, there shouldn't be a problem.

 I highly recommend this, and any other Focus on the Family audio dramas. It really does bring the story to life in a fantastic way. I hope that you'll buy this audio book for yourself to see how nice it is. Thank you Tyndale for giving me the opportunity to review it!

~ a rambling author


ElizabethLiberty said...

You might mention that it's not an audio book it's technically an audio drama. With music and ever'thing. ;)

And I ADORE the FOTF adaptation of Les Mis. It's one of my favorites, though I think either Ben Hur or The Voyage of the Dawn Treader might claim the top spot. I wish they would release the soundtracks for those. Because they're brilliant.

Bethany said...

Elizabeth: Ah, you're right! My brain... I should know these things. Oh, those two are both fantastic!

Sarah Faulkner said...

This audio drama is how I first met Les Mis! Love it to pieces. I'm also a fan of all the other FotF audio books! I think the Father Gilbert series is my favorite. But there are SO many great one.
~Sarah Faulkner

Bethany said...

Me too. I love them all. Oh, Father Gilbert is really awesome!