Wednesday, March 19, 2014

And Then I was an Adult and it was All Very Frightening...

 Another show just ended for me... this one Willy Wonka. I got to have so much fun playing Mrs. Gloop, an indulgent mother of the fat, greedy Augustus. There's so much I could say about that part and show, but I'll wait for one of my "The Other Side of Me" posts.

I also want to say a little bit about my birthday. Yup, Saturday I turned eighteen. I'm an old fogie now. Something they like call... adult. *Shudder*

 So I've joined the ranks of the grown people, but I'm still a child at heart, so Peter Pan will still take me to Neverland, right? ........... Yeah. So, anywho, eighteen.

 I chose a word at the beginning of this year. It was change. And yeah. Things are changing. I'm now a legal adult. I can vote. I can sign things for myself. It's bizarre. There are so many things coming in my future, things I can look forward to, and things that I'm a little afraid of. But that's all part of life, right? I have to take an entrance exam to a college, and graduate high school. I feel more desperate to get my book done. I have things I want to accomplish. New goals.

 Seventeen was a great year. It was beautiful. But eighteen started off with a bang, and I count my birthday this year as one of the best so far.

 It started at midnight. I was staying at a friend's house before another day of Willy Wonka... (My friend was also in the show, playing Charlie's loud grandma, Georgina.) I hopped in the shower, and by the time I got out, it was my birthday. I never really thought about what it meant, and as my friend Sarah would say, "That was one life changing shower!"

 I had hardly settled into the bed, when Sarah surprised me with a gift. It was so sweet, and the card she wrote me almost made me cry.

 We went to sleep, and the next day began. The celebration never seemed to stop. Twice in the dressing room I was sung to in the midst of pulling on clothing, and twice more outside the dressing room. It seemed I could turn nowhere without someone calling "Happy Birthday!"

 Several friends gave me lovely notes and gifts (Thanks Will! And you're mom! And Eliza! And everyone!) I was actually floored. I couldn't believe so many people cared so much to give me something. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy and like crying all over again. My friends are so wonderful!

 I made a mistake in the show that afternoon, and it was pretty upsetting. But many people, both kids in the show, and their parents encouraged me.

 After a three show day filled with friends, and enjoyment, we went to a restaurant the theater people like to gather in on the second Saturday night after the show. We ordered food and talked and talked and talked. And then they sang to me again. I'm pretty sure I came pretty close to turning permanently pink.

 I must have decided that such a momentous day as birthday number eighteen couldn't happen without some near death experiences, so I proceeded to choke on my mozzarella sticks (twice) and trip on the pavement.

 Ah yes. An eventful day all wrapped up back in Sarah's bedroom, reading facebook posts. Eighteen is an exciting age, I suppose. I think I rather like it. After all, it's not the person's age on the outside, but the inside, right? Ha. Logic.

I'm sure I've missed something. And tomorrow I'll go into more depth about this since most of my presents corresponded with books, and I was looking for something bookish to write about tomorrow. But for now, I must bid you farewell. I'm an adult, which means I have awfully important things to do. Which is a joke, by the way.

 I am thankful to God for giving me eighteen years of life, and for the things that happened this year. I'm so excited for the future that He has planned for me. I know I cannot fear as long as He is with me, showing me where to go.

~ a rambling author

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