Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Ask Fanic: The Answers

This is the look he's giving me right now.
Last week, I asked you to send questions in for my creepy creep from The Prince's Quest, Fanic. Although he's such a weirdo, people seem to love him... something I don't quite understand. Anyway, here are the questions you asked. I'll try to keep him from being too... um... freaky.

What got you interested in blades and knives, and what was your first knife you ever got? 

 I like the way this is starting out. There is no reason not to enjoy the benefits of a knife. With my many blades, I can accomplish anything a bow or sword can with less work. Although, I sometimes use a bow, I much prefer knives. For example, you can run out of arrows, or grow exhausted with a sword. A knife brings the two together. You can throw them, or use them in hand-to-hand combat. And knives are the best choice for my profession because of the secrecy they allow. I received my first knife on my eighth birth celebration. It was a paltry weapon from my mother, but I put it to good use, and it began my love for cutting things.

Who was the first person you killed? 

 That would be the man my mother married when I was ten. He was a brute, and I should be thanked for his death. He lasted until I was fourteen, and then I grew tired of him.

Can you talk about how you felt afterwards?

 Triumphant, what else? To put down a man such as that can be described as nothing else. I discovered that killing is what I am good at.

Would you consider yourself more of a psychopath or a sociopath?

 My dear, are you questioning my sanity? (Me: I think he's a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies. But I don't know. :P)

Is there anyone who's ever been dear to you in life? Or have you always been more of a lone-ranger? 

Having someone you care for makes you weak. I had a mother, but she's dead now. When I was eighteen I fancied I loved a girl. She's dead too. Come to your own conclusions.

Who or what do you hate most, and why?

I don't think there's anyone left to hate. If I hate someone, they die.

What would you do if you encountered that person/thing/situation right now?

 I think I already made my answer clear, but I would kill them. Quite possibly.

What do you fear? Or will you admit to fearing anything at all? 

 *Yawn* Fear is my domain. I am the shadow in your bedroom, I am the dagger waiting to stab you. I live on fear. 

What's your favorite blade type/design? Tanto? Bowie?

I don't know what a Tanto or Bowie is, but if I understand the question, you're asking me my preferred knife? My favorite blades are the ones I make myself, or get through the black market weapons dealers. I like them to be long, so they're easy to slip between ribs. Or at least to wave around threateningly. Thin is also a bonus at times.

Which style of knife (ex. Throwing, dagger) do you prefer?

I enjoy all kinds. Each has its merit. To choose one would be like choosing a favorite child. If I had one.

How many knives do you own?

The answer varies. I carry a certain number on my person, and keep some in my dwelling. I like collecting a knife from every city I visit. I'd say nearing 200 at this point, though I only carry fifteen with me.

Which is your favorite?

 My serrated blade. It was created with jagged edges, and is the most fun to terrify people with.

 And would you agree that Damascus steel is the best? 

 I've never heard of such a thing as Damascus. The best steel comes from the mines in Linaeus. Also, Masin has good metal if they would bother collecting it. 

Do you prefer to work as an assassin or a scout and why?

An assassin's job is more fun. Though the pleasure isn't really from killing. When you're a scout you can terrify the people you are tracking, or even those you are working with. I'm at the middle of the road here.

Did you ever have a family? Where are they now?

 These questions are so repetitive. I had a family. I had a mother and a sister. They're both gone. It's none of your concern.

When did you find yourself first enjoying pain? How did it make you feel when you realized it?

 I broke another boy's arm when I was twelve. When you first find yourself enjoying pain it can be frightening until you transition into appreciating it. I felt powerful.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would have killed my mother's husband sooner.

Say you're sick in bed, trying stubbornly to rest, and have absolutely no intention of moving. If there was one sound in the world that would force you out of that bed to go chasing after the source, what would it be?

 I don't get sick. But one thing to make me leave my bed would be the sound a person. Because when I sleep, no people should stir.

If a stranger were to approach you and introduce themselves, any suspicions aside, what is the first thing about them that you would notice?

 If they carried a visible weapon. If they looked afraid.

Can you identify a single thing that changed your path in life, and would you change that if you could?

As I've said, the killing of my mother's husband. I was preparing to be a fisherman, but that changed it all. I wouldn't change it. Can't you see how happy I am?

 Has Fanic always enjoyed hurting others or was there a time when he didn't? 

 You make is sound so animalistic. And I'm right here. No third person, please. Hurting others... hmm. I suppose I may not have enjoyed it when I was young. But I was weak. I'm not weak anymore.


 Thanks for the questions everyone! Sorry Fanic was such a creep. You can read more about him in the future, I hope, in The Prince's Quest! And perhaps in more writing posts.

~ a rambling author


Athelas Hale said...

Fanic, you sound like a very interesting person. Prepare to have your face bashed in if we ever meet. :p

Cedar Ann said...

Omg I <3 this guy! I wouldn't want to meet him in person cause I'd be too afraid haha but he's awesome! Love the way you guys ask the character questions it really builds them up.

Bethany said...

Athelas: If Fanic was interested, he'd be coming after you right now. :P

Cedar: Most people think he's pretty awesome, weirdly enough!