Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Ask Fanic

This was the best I could do.

 All right, so you've met Elric and Anya, two of the principle characters from The Prince's Quest, so now you get to meet Fanic... Someone I'm not sure how to introduce as.

 Fanic, well, he's interesting. I suppose he's a bit of a sociopath. Or something of that sort. He enjoys pain... in doses. The first time you meet him he is shoving someone head under the water and enjoying every moment. He also takes great pride in his collection of knives, often using them as a tool to scare unsuspecting victims with.  His favorite is his serrated blade. He's very interesting. He likes to threaten people, but often is more talk than anything. He has a checkered past, and hires himself as an assassin or scout. There's a lot more to him, but I'll let you ask the questions.

~ a ramblign author


Hannah Mummert said...

What got you interested in blades and knives, and what was your first knife you ever got? :D

ElizabethLiberty said...

Who was the first person you killed? Can you talk about how you felt afterwards?

S. England said...

Would you consider yourself more of a psychopath or a sociopath? (Haha! Sorry, I had to.)

Is there anyone who's ever been dear to you in life? Or have you always been more of a lone-ranger?

Carrie said...

Who or what do you hate most, and why? What would you do if you encountered that person/thing/situation right now?
Also (though I guess we only get one question, huh?), what do you fear? Or will you admit to fearing anything at all?

Leah K. Oxendine said...

What's your favorite blade type/design? Tanto? Bowie? etc.

William Cloud said...

My questions have sort of already been asked, but I'll ask 'em anyway. Which style of knife (ex. Throwing, dagger) do you prefer, and how many knives do you own, which is your favorite? And would you agree that Damascus steel is the best?

Imogen Elvis said...

Do you prefer to work as an assassin or a scout and why?

Athelas Hale said...

Did you ever have a family? Where are they now?

When did you find yourself first enjoying pain? How did it make you feel when you realized it?

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Sarah H. said...

Say you're sick in bed, trying stubbornly to rest, and have absolutely no intention of moving. If there was one sound in the world that would force you out of that bed to go chasing after the source, what would it be?

If a stranger were to approach you and introduce themselves, any suspicions aside, what is the first thing about them that you would notice?

Connie Jean said...

What's your --

(Rael: Back off, author. He's had enough villain questions. I'll do this one. *looks in Fanic's direction* Can you identify a single thing that changed your path in life, and would you change that if you could?)

Sigh. The charrie has spoken.

Victoria Grace Howell said...

Has Fanic always enjoyed hurting others or was there a time when he didn't?

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