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You Ask Anya: The Answer

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 So here are the answers to Anya's questions! Thanks everyone for asking, we're very interested to answer. Well I am. Anya isn't exactly thrilled. So here they are!

  If a madman with a blue box showed up at your front door and offered to show you the universe, what would you do?

 I'm sorry. I don't really understand the question. I think if the man were truly mad I wouldn't want to go with him. I've met some mad people, and it wasn't a nice experience. (Me: Why all the Doctor Who questions? :P)

What kind of music or musical instrument is your favorite?

 I like the trill of a flute. Such a lovely sound. But I love all types of music and instruments, so it would be a hard thing for me to make a definite choice.

What is your favorite season and why?

 There is so much beauty in each season that I'm not sure I could choose. The One created them so unique. I do love Spring when things are starting to grow, but Autumn brings such interesting colors. Summer and Winter also have their merits.

Do you sing? 

 I do, but mostly in worship. I'm not a minstrel or anything fancy such as that.

What would you do if Elric asked you out? 

Asked me... out? You mean to go outside? (Me: She means it in a romantic way. What would you do if Elric wanted you to go somewhere with him because he liked you.) Oh. *Blushes* I... I do not know. He's nice, I suppose.

If you had the chance to travel, would you? Where would you go? Why?

 My father and I always talked about going to the Unknown Lands. I've always wondered what it is like there... what mysteries can be unfolded. I would travel if I get the opportunity. And I would go for the reason of discovering new things, hopefully.

 What would you do if you found out someone close to you betrayed you?

 Once again, I'm not sure. These are strange questions. The One asks us to forgive those who oppress us, but in the face of such an act, I'm sure it would be hard.

Why isn't your mother in the picture? 

 Ah. Well... my mother passed away when I was a very little girl. She had a sickness that our physician was unable to treat.

What are your hobbies? 

 Cooking, going on picnics, walking, working with my father, conversing.

Who is your closest friend?

Ryald, I suppose, though he can be overprotective to a fault. He's the stableboy who's decided to be my older brother.

What do you dream about?

 Many things. Seeing the Unknown lands, visiting Linaeus, a future as a wife and mother, many things.

Are you satisfied with your life?

 We can always wish for bigger things, but for now, I am happy for all The One has bestowed upon me.

Who would you die to save?

The Scroll of Wisdom talks about giving your life for a friend being the greatest form of love... Most likely easier said than done. But my father... Life without him would be so hard.

Do you expect to ever get married and have children?

 It is one of my greatest desires. Currently, our town has a shortage of honorable young men. Excluding Ryald, who I couldn't marry anyway. 

What is your fondest memory?

 There are many. Visiting the Worship Hall with my father as a girl, and having him read the holy text shines brightly in my mind. I also have some recent memories of picnics and new friends that I wish to remember always.

Do you read?

If there is a book to be found in my small town, I will be found reading it at some point.

If you could travel to any place in your world, where would it be and why? 

Everyone seems very interested in my travels. I would like to visit those I've mentioned, but I think I would also like to see the other countries surrounding Linaeus, more specifically Dagger Island and the Alven Isles. I've never seen the ocean.

What circumstances people make you get the most sad, angry, excited, and nervous? 

I am most sad at the thought of someone never knowing The One, and never wanting to know Him. I think I might be angry if someone was cruel to someone I loved. I would be excited to see new things, and to introduce someone to new things. I would be most nervous to accidentally betray someone. It is always important to be careful what you say.

What's your favorite food?

Fresh baked bread with newly harvested honey spread on top. There is nothing so tempting and delicious.

Would you ever consider killing someone? In what situation would you do that? Is there anyone you would never kill? 

We are taught that is the most precious thing there is, and to end a life is terrible. I know death is sometimes necessary, and the Scrolls of Wisdom tell of such things occurring, but I don't think I could. Something very terrible would have to happen to make me consider taking another life. I would never kill those I love especially.

How do you feel about your family? What do your relationships look like?

My only family is my Father, Amos. And I love him more than I can express. Our relationship is one of great closeness. Losing my mother caused us to cling more to each other. I am thankful to the One for keeping us together.  I have a normal relationship with those in my town, friendship with Ryald, and a new, different friendship with Elric.

What is your first memory?

My mother singing to me as a little child, stroking my hair, and talking to me in soothing tones.

A few of your favorite people?

My father, of course. Physician Brown and his wife are wonderful people. Ryald. And I'm enjoying getting to know Elric. I think there's a lot more to him than he realizes.


Well that's that! I hope you enjoyed Anya's answers! Thanks for asking. And next week we'll get to see into the deranged mind of Fanic... Mwahahaa.

~ a rambling author


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