Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Authors I Own the Most Of.

 I saw one of my fellow bloggers do this, and thought it was really neat. It originates here. The idea is to list the top ten authors who you own the most books of. So I'm going to try it. Be aware that I constantly seem to have a string of books out on loan to close friends and family, but I will try to make this as accurate as possible. Many of these are tied, so if they are tied, they aren't listed in particular order.

 1. Wayne Thomas Batson. I own ten of his novels... the first ten. (Door Within Trilogy, The Pirates books, The Berinfell Prophecies, first two Dark Sea Annals.) I also have lots of short stories he wrote on my Kindle app, and plan to buy his newer books as well. He was probably the first current fantasy author I liked.

2. Jill Williamson. I own ten of her books. (Blood of Kings, Replication, first two Mission League, First two Safe Lands trilogy.) And the numbers are rising. Or will be. Technically, I also own an ebook that I haven't gotten the hardback copy for, but I also have two copies of two of her books, so...

3. Laura Ingalls Wilder. Besides owning most of the Little House books, I have a diary and letters she wrote, coming up with a total of ten.

4. Martha Finley. I own eight. One Elsie book, and the entire Millie series. Though these are the A Life of Faith versions that I read at a young age.

5. Shannon Hale. I own seven of her lovely books. (Princess Academy/Palace of stone, the Books of Bayern, Book of a Thousand Days.)

6. Coleen Coble. I think I own the same amount--seven--but some are on loan.

7. C.S. Lewis. I own the seven Narnia books.

8. Wendy Lawton. I own seven of her Daughters of the Faith series. Great books! I'm trying to collect them all, though they are aimed at younger readers. (I started reading them young.)

9. Dave and Neta Jackson. I own six of their trail blazer books.

10. Lois Walfried Johnson. I own several sets of American Girl books that have six books each, but I'm just going to list this author of five books because... I own the her five Viking Quest books which are great.

 So there's my top ten, even if it is a little edited. :P What about you?

 ~ a rambling author

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