Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 So I was at camp last week. It's our church camp. It's wonderful. Kids come from all over the state (and sometimes other states) to worship the Lord and fellowship. I arrived Thursday, got checked in, went to my cabin (I was Assistant Cabin Leader for the youngest age group of girls), and then went to the staff meeting after getting my bed made.

 After that, I went back to the cabin to meet up with the leader, Chelsey, and meet the girls. We quickly got acquainted and it was time for dinner. We had a delicious dinner, went to church that night, and while Chelsey went to bed with the girls, I spent a bit of time with some of the staff.

 Here is a basic understanding of how the next three days went. We got up early in the morning, went to devotions, then breakfast, then class, then crafts, then music, then lunch, then organized recreation, then swimming, then free time until dinner, and then we had cabin devotions and service, and after service we had fun time and more free time until bed. And there were breaks in there somewhere. And yeah. That was a long (possibly run on) sentence.

 But I just wanted to let you guys know a little bit about camp. It was great. I had fun. I remembered to wear sunscreen, so didn't get turned into a tomato like previous years. The air conditioner stole my voice on like the first night. I fell off a swing and got covered in reddish dirt. I also got smeared with peanut butter and had fish crackers thrown at me. Also, apparently my frog died. (I was in a skit.) I was also a little girl. (In another skit.) I convinced several boys to pick pink yard for a craft by telling them about the historical origin of the color pink. I FAILED at kickball. I mean, for real. I tripped while KICKING the ball. So I was basically caught before I even started running. This is why I do not like playing sports. Except volleyball and softball. Which reminds me, I played volleyball, but didn't do so well thanks to it being dark out. Yay. I also got bit by sweat bees. I had the sweetest little girl who seemed to really like me. I got to pray for all of my girls. I even shared a devotional with them. I ate so much good food. And dessert. Oh. My.Word. I also fell after hanging up something on the clothesline, which was witnessed by some little girls and a teenaged boy. IT was a mini landslide. The ground slipped out from under me, okay? I got attacked in the pool by many people. I got asked to the bonfire by an old friend, I ate too much, tried to stay hydrated, and had a pretty awesome time in general. I even got to have a couple of "girl talks." Mwahaha.

 So yeah. I'm probably forgetting something. Camp was pretty great.

 ~ a rambling author

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