Thursday, June 28, 2012

Character Interview - Elric

 Hello everyone! Today I've decided to introduce you to Elric, my  MC in my novel. Instead of going into a long history on this character (you'll get enough of that in the book :P) I've decided to just introduce ya'll the him.


Me: Good afternoon Elric!

Elric: Hello

Me: You don't sound very excited, do you?

Elric: Did you expect anything different?

Me: Moving on... What are you doing today? And how old are you?

Elric: Currently I'm on a picnic, which you so rudely took me from. I'm seventeen years.

Me: Oh, and who were you picnicking with?

Elric: Just a girl from the village. Her name is Anya.

Me: Anya, eh? *grins* And just what is your opinion of Anya?

Elric: She's smart. She knows her poetry. She's very... lovely. But why am I telling you this?

Me: Because I told you to! So there!

Elric: That's not very nice.

Me: Deal with it, buddy.  So, why are you in the village of Redge?

Elric: *stares*

Me: Well???

Elric: It's a bit confidential

Me: Seriously? I wrote all about it! I know the confidential stuff! I know everything about you! I know the thoughts that go through your brain right when you think them! I CREATED YOU!

Elric: That was... disturbing. Fine. I'm here to find... a traitor.

Me: Really? How do you know the person you're looking for is a traitor?

Elric: *puts head in hands* I'm not sure! I don't know what to do!

Me: Well don't break down on me right now!

Elric: Ahem. Sorry about that. I'm just really confused. All these strange thoughts keep going through my mind, and I don't know where they're coming from!

Me: *snicker* I do.

Elric: Do you think it's part of the illness of...

Me: Hush up! That's not supposed to be revealed yet! And the answer is no, Elric. You're fine. Poor, tortured boy. But answer the question without breaking down.

Elric: I don't know what I believe. But I suppose I might as well do what I've been ordered. At least I won't be imprisoned, or killed. When I'm king I can change things.

Me: Isn't it better to try to change things now?

Elric: What? I mean, what can I do? I'm just a scrawny, unloved prince! No one respects me, nobody thinks I can do anything!

Me: What about your manservant, Winson.

Elric: Well, Winston is just one person. If no one else supports me, what can I do?

Me: I have a feeling that more people support you then you think. What about Anya?

Elric: *looks at me curiously* What about Anya?

Me: You said she was erm lovely?

Elric: Yes.

Me: *giggle* You like her don't you?!

Elric: Like? Well, yes she's a nice person.

Me: You LOVE her.

Elric: Excuse me. I don't wish to speak of this.

Me: *huff* Fine. Who's ordering you to find the "traitor"

Elric: Well, my father, the king.

Me: And what do you think of your father?

Elric: He's my father, he's the king! I have to do as he says.

Me: Or else?

Elric: Well yes. But you shouldn't say anything bad about him. He might hear you.

Me: Please. He can't do anything. So what are you going to do later?

Elric: I suppose I'll search for information regarding the traitor. Though I really don't want to...

Me: Oh you will. And a lot of other things will happen to you to, but we'll leave it for now. I might interview you again, later, when you're in different circumstances. Enjoy your picnic.

Elric: Thank you. I think... For all I know you might have someone attack us!

Me: *Laughs nervously* Well, have a good day! Goodbye!

Elric: Goodbye.

 And that's all for Elric's interview, for now. I know, it doesn't tell you too much. But that's kinda the point. :D

 Ask any questions or just leave a reply in the comments!

 Thanks for reading!

~ Bethany


Katelyn Shear said...

Love it! I was laughing the whole time!!

Bethany said...

Good! Laughter is awesome! I found out if you laugh for like half an hour every day, you lose weight! I need to laugh more lol