Monday, June 4, 2012

My main character is a guy :)

It's kind of strange. It seems like most teenaged girl authors write their main character as a girl. I guess the argument could be made that it's easier, being a girl, to write a girl as the main character. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with writing main girl characters- in fact I've written many myself. But the thing is, the major novel I'm working on right now doesn't "star" a girl. Actually, the main character is a seventeen year old young man.

 Interesting right?

 I mean, I'm a teenaged girl. I like to read about other girls I can relate to; In sorrow, in joy, or whatever else they might be going through in the story. You'd think I'd want to write a girl character, especially since this novel has such a deep meaning (or I hope it does,) and writing from a girl's point of view would be simple. Easy.

 Wrong! I've written so many girl characters that are anything but simple and easy. Or maybe they're TOO simple and easy. The truth is, a character CAN'T be simple and easy for he/her to be a good character. The complexities, the inner working of their minds, the feelings, everything about the characters make the story. Without a good character, your story is sunk. That's why I hope my characters are unique in their own way. I want to write in 3D where you can find things about the character to connect with.

 Elric, the main protagonist from my current novel is a complex character. And I hope that he's complex in the best senses of the word! I cause him to suffer so much, with all the things going on in his life. He's basically fighting a battle of good and evil- all in his head! If you had several lives on the line- their future's hanging by what decision you made, I'm sure you would be suffering too. I don't want to blow too much of the plot, but trust me, this guy needs some guidance. And from where I'm writing now, I'm pretty sure he hasn't found the place he's looking for yet.

 So yeah, this blog post has rapidly changed topic since I started. My main character is a guy! I think the thing that got me to write this was that I read something where you try to flesh out your character. It always says "she" or "her" when addressing your character. Well what about he? Ha. It's probably silly, but that just popped into my head. It would feel strange to write all these descriptions about Elric with the words "her" or "she" in the front.

 I've made the choice to try and write a little bit every day, no matter how busy I am. We'll see how that works out. Currently, I'm over 30,000 words. Whoo hoo. Ha. The only question is, can I finish it before August? We'll see.

Later this week...

 I'll (hopefully) be going to film camp! There's still about 50 spots open, so I should be able to get in. It's quite exciting. I'll be able to learn lots of information about film making in general, and acting for films etc. etc. Which is good, since I really enjoy acting, and maybe I'll find an interest in this. I guess we'll see. I shall endeavor to blog about both days if I can, especially if it's interesting. ;)

 Also, my piano recital is coming up. I don't know if it twill be anything of interest to blog about, but maybe something exciting will happen. A good exciting.

 So, even though this is a bit short, I'll end with a brief description of a few of my characters. What fun!

 Elric~ The tortured (in his mind) prince. Should be do what's ordered, or what his conscious is telling him to do. And what of the One he is learning about?

Winston~ Elric's friend and manservant. Tends to be a bit pompous at times, but he has a good heart.

Rior~ The crazy carriage driver. Not really crazy, but he is a bit... eccentric. Don't believe me? Ask him to tell you the story of his glass eye.

Anya~ A sweet village girl who helps run her father's hotel.

 I've just realized I haven't even posted a summary. Ah well. I'm sure I will sometime. Let's just say, I'm working on the story still. It's developing. I'm afraid I may have fallen into a bit of slump, but I'm hoping I'll be out of that soon enough.

 I hope you enjoy this blog post, and remember,

don't get into a physical fight with someone who has a sword if all you possess is a pen. ;)

 Remember to follow the One True King.

 Goodnight all! I'm off to write!


Fiona Mitchell said...

Hmmm...... Well, I'm writing a book named 'The Message' and both my main characters are males...... I agree, it has seemed a little more real. By the way, your book sounds AMAZING! You should publish it as an eBook when you finish!

Bethany said...

Thanks Fiona! It's nice to know there are others who like writing guy characters (who are gals.) Aw, thank you! I'm hoping to publish it! Perhaps it could be made into an ebook as well :)

Sarah Olson said...

I have two main characters each from a first person point of view, and I am writing as a guy in love with his best friend x.x I had to ask my brothers for help! But it is fun :) the other main character is a girl. much easier.

Bethany said...

Lol! That would be interesting to write! My guy is falling in love with a girl he barely knows, so that's interesting. I never asked my brothers how to write a guy haha. That could be helpful! Yes, girls are easier. :D