Thursday, June 14, 2012

Film Camp Day 1

Okay, I said I would post about film camp. So I'll post what I can remember about it :P

 Day 1 (Friday)

 Wow. The day started off with us being a little late. I had also misplaced my film camp ticket, so we had to get there early enough for me to get a replacement. By the time mom, Daniel, and I had gotten loaded up, we hoped we could get there early. But then, the most aggravating thing happened. There was a traffic jam! We were probably stuck in traffic for almost an hour because of an accident or something. By the time we got up to the scene, it looked like everything had basically cleared up. There were just a couple police cars sitting along the road. I was worrying by this time, which I really shouldn't have been, but I was. Mom drove downtown where the convention center is, and dropped Daniel and I off so she could park. I walked into that huge hall, and wondered what to do. I decided to go to the help desk first. I told them that I misplaced my ticket, and asked if I could get a replacement. After a bit of waiting, they told me I could get one at the registration desk. So we went over there, and had to wait behind a few people. I was thinking 'I am so late' by this time. Daniel went with me up the escalator even though he was going to attend a different workshop. There were a couple of guys out front who work in Crystal Creek Media, and I (nervously- I'm so bad with that sort of thing sometimes!) showed them my ticket. One of them looked over a list of names, then asked if I registered recently. The other was quick to say that I had. Apparently the only names on the list were the ones who had per-registered.  They told me that it was already starting, and I hurried in (rather awkwardly.) The room was packed! And it was a pretty big room too! I looked around nervously for an empty seat. Finally I spotted one near the back among a group of three young people. I asked "Is anyone sitting here?" One of the girls smiled and said "No" so I sat down. Apparently the row you sat in represented your "movie studio" in a game you play throughout the two days. We were supposed to come up with a name for our studio, and the other members of my group were already thinking of a couple. They asked if I like Aurora Studios, or Northern Lights Studios better, and I chose the latter. Anywho, we had a couple sessions about different things until lunch time. It was pretty interesting. Mom was waiting outside with Daniel, and we walked to the car to eat our lunch. I was telling mom all about what I had learned, and we were trying to eat pretty quick because the film camp people were going to put on one of their movies, Creed of Gold, for everyone to watch. I got back to the room, and slipped into what I hoped was my seat. Then I switched to a different row because I was pretty sure I was wrong. I was, because when a couple of other members of our group named Elsa, and Danny showed up, they said I was in the right seat. We watched some of the movie, until they turned it off to start the rest of film camp. BUMMER! Anyway, there were a bunch of sessions on various topics like planning your film, how to make a film and not go to jail, scriptwriting, and film acting. After the session was over, I talked to one of the ladies involved, Kathleen Knudsen, until mom and Daniel showed up. They had attended several workshops while I was in film camp. Since it was rush hour, mom wanted to wait an hour or so until traffic cleared up, so we went down to the exhibit hall to see what they had. The main goal on my mind was the young entrepreneurs section, but we basically went up and down all the isles, looking at different booths and stuff. There were lots of booksellers, and all kinds of interesting stuff. I was so happy when I found a seller with TONS of the types of books I love. They had several of Wayne Thomas Batson books-score, and several others. I told mom that we had to come back to this booth. We continued, looking at various things. Suddenly, I saw this big banner that said something about "The Kingdom series." I looked at mom, and said rather absentmindedly, not really meaning it, "Huh, they have a whole booth for the series. I wonder if the author Chuck Black is here?" There was a man- probably in his late forties, early fifties- talking to someone, and I squinted to read the name tag pinned to his shirt. Suddenly, I drew in a breath, leaned towards mom, and let out in a strange rush of air, "Oh! It's Chuck Black!" And it was! The author himself. I was really tempted to take a picture of him, but my dear mother informed me that would be weird. So I didn't. I did, however, talk to his daughter. She's going to be a great saleswoman, that one. Anyway, we finally got over to the young entrepreneurs section, which I was most excited about. We passed the artist, the film makers (so cool!), the bakers, the studio guy, etc. until we came to the author. I was excited to meet Rachel Coker after reading about her, and hearing her GREAT story of how she got published. She is such an inspiration to me! Anyway, she recognized me from a facebook comment. "Oh are you Bethany Baldwin from facebook?" I confirmed, and she asked me if I had read her, book, which I hadn't yet. I told her I wanted to buy it from her though, and she offered to autograph it. She talked to me for several minutes, and was really sweet and friendly. She asked me how old I was, and about my interests. She even said that if I ever published a book she'd read it! Cool. I really enjoyed meeting her. She didn't act prideful at all, but as if we were friends forever. It was neat. Later on facebook she said I was one of the highlights of her evening. I don't if I was all that great, but it was nice. She even wrote a sweet message in my book about pursuing my dreams. Anyway, we finished touring the booths, and by the time we'd traversed the entire giant room, it was about time to head home. And I guess that concludes this post. I hope it was slightly interesting! Look up Rachel Coker and her book: Interrupted life Beyond Words. :)

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