Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Exciting

Hi everyone! Just writing a short post here to let you know of something really exciting that will be happening in a couple days! Make sure to check every now and again to see who I'm interviewing. I'm really excited about it. I won't tell you anything else, cause I want to surprise everyone, but for me it's a big deal.

 I'm working away at my  novel, but haven't had much time in the past few days. Ah well, it's going to get done! Whoo!

 I still have to post about film camp day 2, but I don't think I have time to do that right now! Bummer!

 Coming soon are also character interviews, and some more exciting bits for you to be able to see into my story!

 I also signed up to review some books! Whoo hoo! Free books! :D

 Our youth camp is coming up, starting July 6, and going through the 10, so there won't be any movement from me during that time on here. I'm super excited to see what the Lord will do through camp!

 Thanks for reading this short, rambling post. God bless!


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