Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days. It wasn't actually the best way to start to a day. We had to get up early to drive almost an hour to the orthodontist. Well, my appointment was 8:30 or so in the morning. I'm in the last stages, where I just have to check retainers, yadayadayada. So I go in, the lady makes sure my retainers fit, reminds me to continue wearing them, at night, and lets me know again that I need to get my wisdom teeth out. (But I want to be wise!) That's my appointment. I leave, check in with the lady at the desk to get another six month appointment, and we walk out of the office. The thing is, the next appointment (my dad's doctor's appointment) isn't until about 1:30! Talk about time to kill.

 We try to figure out where we are going, and there is all the general confusion, since we're in a pretty big city. We finally get to where we think the appointment is and BAM! there was a schedule change we didn't remember. His appointment is on practically the other side of town!

 By the time all this confusion is worked out, and we've made it to the part of town where the real appointment is, and now we're getting pretty hungry. It's currently nearing noon. So we go in a McDonald's, and order something to eat. We use their WiFi for random internet stuff, since we've still got a couple of hours.

 A couple of interesting conversations go on in that McDonald's, including how much sugar they put in their sweet tea! Whew! But anyway...

 We finally go to dad's true appointment, and sit in the waiting room for what seems like forever. It would have been the perfect time to write, if I had only brought my notebook in... *sigh* I was having trouble just reading a novel, so I picked up an animal wildlife something something magazine and looked at all the cute, cool, and sometimes sad photos of animals in it. I also looked at some book about New York... and yeah. I don't care for waiting rooms lol.

 Well, dad finally gets out, and we have to head to the other side of town once again! This time to register for the conference where the film camp is happening. Mom, my brother, and I get out and head into the building while dad drives in the car around waiting.

 The conference building is huge! I would totally get lost in there by myself! Needless to say, we found the information desk to sign up for the conference, and me for film camp. After filling out a couple of forms, we get a bunch of spiffy name tags, and I get a film camp ticket. Whoo! ;)

 Mom wants to figure out where I'll be going so we go up the escalator, and walk a really really long way just to reach the room the film camp is happening in. No one's there, but at least we know where it is if we're running late (which I desperately hope we aren't!) We eventually get back to the first door- after mom and I stop by the ladies room. Daniel takes this as an opportunity to step out on a balcony to look at some sights- and ends up locked out. Fortunately there was someone to let him back in the building. Haha. Oh! And also before we went back downstairs, we looked from these big windows at the exhibit hall below, where folks are getting set up for the convention. The young entrepreneurs will be there tomorrow. I'm excited about that. Hoping to get the opportunity to purchase Rachel Coker's book.

 Anyway, it takes forever to find dad and the van. After that we head to Sam's club, so mom can pick up some groceries. I read a book while Daniel watches a movie they're playing (Karate Kid). When mom's done shopping we order a pizza, and eat it on the way home. We got home around seven something, or eight.

 Some more stuff happened but I'm not exactly in the mood to talk about it lol. We have to get up at six tomorrow to get to the convention on time! So goodnight to all! I will try to be more entertaining in my next post. ;)

 God bless you!


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